Portrait Masterclass with Andrew James NEAC JP

  • 20th, 21st and 22nd November, 2020
  • 10.00am to 4.00pm
  • £380/course
  • a light lunch included
  • maximum of 10 on course
  • beautiful, spacious studio with appropriate distances between students

Accommodation is available. Please contact Clare Dryden clare@hampshireart.studio

Hampshire Art studio is delighted to host a Masterclass with Andrew James, a talented artist and teacher.

Andrew is a member of the New English Art Club and Vice President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. He has published a number of books and DVDs about portrait painting, and taught in various venues in the United Kingdom and Europe.

What to expect on Andrew James’ Masterclass 

This course is aimed to help students build and refine their portrait drawing and painting skills. Whilst looking to develop futher facility in the use of oil paint, graphite and charcoal, alongside improvement of observational skills, there will be a strong emphasis upon generating expression in the work and a more powerful communication in their portrait painting. 

 Topics covered

  • The structural understanding and drawing of the head and face
  • Painting from observation: students will learn how to analyse and translate form into colour
  • How to mix and apply paint in a more expressive manner

By the end of this course you will have a greater facility with oil paint as an expressive medium. An improved set of observational skills will enable a more successful ability to record the structure of the head and face, so achieving greater likeness. The exercises during the course will help you to have a better informed use of colour and tone, and stronger drawing skills.


Please bring the following with you to the Masterclass. Easels, drawing boards and tables will be available at HAs.

  • Oil paints (ideally artist quality) Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue,, Burnt Umber
  • Brushes: assortment sizes of bristle brushes, including filberts, rounds and flats
  • Solid Palette
  • Palette knife
  • Old rags
  • Canvas – roughly 8”x 10”, 18” x 24” for the main project
  • Sansodor or Zest It
  • A2 cartridge drawing pad
  • All drawing materials (to include pencils, rubbers, charcoal, tape, sharpener etc.)

Below is an extract fromAndrew James’ Artist statement on NEAC website

For me the act of painting is the materialised embodiment of my experience of life itself: be it in the process of making it, the finding of value in it, accepting its inherent mysteries, these and other thoughts seem the perfect expression of my personal sensibilities and connections to the world around and within me. I seek the goal of a poetic compression of my emotional life through a heightened expression of colour, texture, pattern and rhythm. Intensity of mark making as well as infinite care in establishing value relationships marks the two extremes of my artistic and personal characters.

Method of Working

Using primarily oil paint, I work with broad, very direct, freely-applied gestural marks, through to finely modulated colour relationships – seeking a wide spectrum of painterly qualities. Whether work is large or small I establish major values, looking to subsequently model and create successful relationships without losing large structural forms. I paint with brush and palette knife, using the knife to subtract as much as to apply. I try to place stress on much of the paint through taught, scraped, pulled marking; rarely allowing any areas to go unworked or unstressed, a quality on energised density is very important to me. Colour saturation as well as tone and temperature have become ever more important as time has gone on. Paintings can take anything from 2 hours to 200 hours.

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