There are many online suppliers, some with interesting specialities. Also below are a few general suppliers, and locals who are always worth looking at.

If you have any favourite suppliers, bloggers or podcasts you can recommend please tell us.

Jackson’s  Art Supplies  – This site is run by artists, for artists. I have always found them very helpful and knowledgable.  They supply a variety of high quality paints, and will make up canvases in any size or shape. The podcasts and blogs are interesting and well worth signing up to.

The physical catalogue is a total joy, worth many hours of browsing, wishing, pondering, and dreaming.

Jackson Art Supplies

Cass Art – Cass art is a well established retail chain based in Islington, London.  The staff in the shops are always very helpful and knowledgable.

Cass Art offer a wide range of paints, pens, pencils, canvases etc. nearly all at a good discount price.  I like to use their packs of ready prepared canvases, especially the linen ones. They offer fewer high quality choices than Jackson’s but probably better deals at the cheaper end.

Their shops are well worth the visit – Islington is a huge treasure trove, but the one tucked behind the National Portrait Gallery may be easier to get to.

Cass Art

Art Discount, or Grantham’s Art and Graphic Supplies – are a very useful source of cheaply priced everyday useful stuff.  I get packs of cartridge paper for example.  They are always efficient and well priced so I tend to check their prices for a lot of things.

The Works – Worth a look to see if they have any discount equipment that you need. Sometimes they have discounted art history books too.

The Works

The Range

All over the place. My local one is in Andover.  Cheap art materials; always worth a look.

Charity Shops

These are a source of still life treasures and second hand art books.

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