Perspective, Sky and Clouds

In January 2024, two new courses are on offer focusing on various aspects of painting and drawing. Sam Clayden will hold an online workshop about painting clouds and skies, targeting techniques like color mixing and aerial perspective. Meanwhile, Eleanor Measham will guide a two-day studio class about perspective drawing and architectural sketching, helping participants boost their alfresco sketching skills and develop perspective sketches.

Portraits, Painting, Sculpture

Next term, renowned Irish sculptor and illustrator Alan Clarke and British portrait painter James Bland will be leading workshops. Clarke, the only ever Irish member of the Society of Portrait Sculptors, will guide a life-sized portrait in clay class from March 4th-6th, 2024. Bland, member of the prestigious societies CBPP and NEAC, will conduct a portrait painting course on January 29th/30th, 2024. The classes will be held at Mottisfont Village Hall, Mottisfont, Romsey SO51 0LH

Andalucia, Landscape and Abstraction with Michael Weller

Take a break from drab winter days of February in Britain. Join talented artist and tutor Michael Weller, at Casa Rosa, as he guides you through his approach to landscape and abstract painting. Michael makes painting with oils simple and fun. This is for artists who’d like some help exploring landscape painting, in peace and quiet – and the early Spanish sun.

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