New Courses Starting this week

It is not too late to book on any of the courses below.

There are an EXCITING variety on offer – try something new, or build up your skills. Most importantly, enjoy the process

For the second half of this term we have two new tutors, and they both start this week.

Monday afternoon Portrait Painting, online with Anastasia Pollard RP

If you are keen to learn about portraiture there is no better person to teach you the nuts and bolts than Anastasia. Once you have understood the nuts and bolts you will be able to join her on a fabulous journey through many different avenues of Portraiture.

This is an exciting and rewarding course that will be taught in oils.

Friday Morning Beginners’ Watercolour with Sarah Chalmers

Watercolours are the go-to media for beginners, however they can be troublesome.

What any beginner needs with watercolours is someone with knowledge and experience to help them with their first steps. We all need Sarah Chalmers in our watercolour box to guide us, enthuse and inspire.

She has travelled the world with her keen eyes, sketchbook and splash of colour, and as a tutor Sarah will help you to find the light and pleasure within a box of watercolour paints.

This week there are a few courses with tutors who have taught with Hampshire Art Studio for some time

Monday Morning, Abstract Painting in Acrylic with Eve Dawson

There are many ways to explore abstract painting. We are lucky enough to Eve Dawson as a tutor who uses her extensive experience with acrylics, and enthusiasm for the abstract, to take you on an exciting journey.

Eve Dawson specializes in an expressionist and intuitive style of working which is full of energy and colour.

Learn from her wealth of knowledge about acrylic paints, pens, inks, mediums and different forms of application.

Eve uses the countryside of Hampshire, the sky and the coast as inspiration for her work.

Tuesday, Intensive Beginners Oil Painting, online, with Kate Measham

Learn how to paint with oil paints in a day.

This will be an intensive course with you lookin at mixing paints, tone, different sorts of paint application and learning about the materials, tools and other equipment needed. It is a very busy day.

Wednesday Morning, Mark Making, online with Kate Measham

A summer course at the University of Florida

Drawing is an endless investigation, from a line in the sand, a handprint on a cave wall, to who knows where.

Your marks, your handwriting, your fingerprints – these are all individual to YOU. This course will look at exciting and experimental methods to introduce to your drawing.


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