Learn about Lino

  • One day Workshop with Kate Measham
  • 30th January, 10.00 – 4.00
  • £80.00/person
  • tea, coffee and biscuits available all day. Please bring your own lunch

Lino printing is a simple form of fine art printmaking.

Traditionally lino is used like a printing plate partly because it is cheap, and also it leaves no texture of its own. You will be experimenting with a few materials that can be easier to cut into. The lino/plate is then inked, a piece of paper placed over it, and pressure applied by hand, press or back of spoon to transfer the ink to the paper. There are oil or water based ink options.The result, a linocut print.

This is quite a simple process with often dramatic results.


learn about lino

The easiest style of lino print is a single-color print. You cut the design once, and print it using one color only. You often see black used because of its strong contrast to white paper. In this workshop you will explore different tools and different marks. AND produce a linocut print.

You will need to buy the basic introduction lino kit, and some print paper. I will recommend the appropriate equipment from CASS art and our 10% discount will be available to you. Once you have used this workshop to learn about lino you can progress to more complicated approaches.



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