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Taster Drawing Day at HAMPSHIRE ART studio


Thursday 12th September

10.00 – 1.00, and 2.00 – 5.00,  £15/per morning,  £20/afternoon

Come to Bransbury and have a go at Drawing and Life Drawing.

Still Life: learn how to see, and how to draw

Drawing: Tone using Various Materials

We think drawing is very important.

The good thing is that you can be taught how to look, how to see and how to draw.

And it is fun. And it will change the way you look at your daily world.

This class will be about looking at tone, light and dark, shadow and  half light. Tone gives things mass/body. It all gets more exciting when you use different materials.  You will be working from a Still Life.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t drawn since school,  you helped your 6 year old with homework but not much else, or you have more time now and want to take your art seriously. Drawing is a good place to look again.

Equally, everyone benefits from refreshing their drawing habits.



Some materials will be provided. This link to a CASS ART basket (our students get 10% discount on our dedicated baskets) is an extensive list of drawing equipment.  These are all things that I use but I wouldn’t expect anyone to go out and buy the lot.

If you fancy something else, not on the our list, you can add it to the basket and still get the discount. If there are things you don’t want just remove them.

You pay CASS ART directly, in the normal way.

Charcoal, pencils, ink, rubbers and sharpeners would be a very good starting point.

I would advise you to wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty – even drawing is a fairly messy affair.

Life Drawing: Measured Life Drawing, pencil, heartbeat, space, and time

fullsizeoutput_d06If you haven’t done life drawing before it can seem alarming. It takes a while to work out that life drawing is not portraiture.

We think we know what human bodies look like and how they work. Sometimes it is more complicated than that. As with the morning class, this is all about learning to look.

In this class you will look at different ways of measuring your drawing.

For materials please look at the drawing class above.


These two classes are to give you a taste of the Autumn Classes at HAMPSHIRE ART studio. Come along if you know us and have been before. Come and meet us if this is new to you. Come alone or bring a friend.


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