Introduction to Life/Lines (Drawing)

with Morag Donnelly

The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper

W.B. Yeats

  • Tutor, Morag Donnelly
  • 1st/2nd November
  • 10.00am – 4pm
  • £190/course
  • Model fees, extensive drawing paper and a light lunch are included in the cost of the course
  • The course is held in the Studio at Bransbury
  • This class is suitable for all abilities

What to expect on Introduction to Life/Lines (Drawing)

The approach to drawing and the artistic creativity of this course is centred in finding, experimenting, and discovering a richer vocabulary of marks and gestures. You will be encouraged to become more sensitive, responsive and expressive with a variety of materials.

Morag will invite you to explore expressive marks with a range of natural materials and instruments: feathers, hands, and earth. You will be encouraged to let each element show you its way of drawing. As the pose touches you, you touch the paper and this touch moves something within – it is from here that this language of drawing emerges.

You will be encouraged to rest, pause and relax in your mark making movements on paper. With music and sound helping your drawing from life, and taking you in to the natural meditative state of presence.These workshops offer an open exploratory place for everyone to enjoy. Through relaxation, music and movement an atmosphere is created for inspiration and sensitivity. In this space of playful enquiry we have freedom to discover, let go and open our ability to respond to the pose.

It is life drawing , with a big emphasis on LIFE , feeling , empathy, widening our seeing, tuning into our own body to sense the dynamics , subtleties , humanity and presence that then allow us to capture the particular rhythms and quality of the moment in the pose. It’s messy, its fun, its deep, it brings insight ..and your drawings will change alongside your perceptions.

You will use materials that you may be unaccustomed to working with including clay & ink. The more you dive into these and get curious, the more they will open up the spontaneous intuitive nature within you. This approach will help you develop a fluent and rich drawing language. You will begin to cultivate a capacity to move freely between felt presence, sensing, and gesture.

You will be working fast, with freedom …lots and lots of ink on paper, hundreds of marks & drawings time to think and judge. This is not about getting something right, its about getting an alive vitality into ourselves, and out onto paper in your own unique way. You will be given suggestions , feedback, encouragement , space to explore and through varied ways and processes that encourage everyone to be freer in their creativity.

Open to all, from complete beginner to experienced Artist. Join us in Bransbury’s beautiful Studio for relaxation into creativity, and explore this intimate relationship of material dance on paper in response to life. Immersing in depth the richness and vitality of life drawing, expanding our vocabulary of gesture and of empathy and seeing.


Materials and model will be provided


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