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Last week we told you about the new tutors teaching with Hampshire Art Studio this term. We are very excited to have them with us. We also have classes with tutors who have taught for us before, some more than others. We are delighted to have them teaching with us again.

Eve Dawson

When we were searching for an interesting teacher whose own practise was in acrylics and abstract work we looked all over the place, and were delighted to find Eve Dawson MA (Fine Art). Not only did Eve meet our every criteria as a teacher she also studied at Hampshire’s highly regarded Winchester School of art, and she actually lives in a village near our studio. The local fields, downland and skies are a regular source of inspiration in her work.

Eve’s work is predominately Abstract Expressive and a perfect balance between the serendipitous and the planned. Her creative language is colour, using a series of idiosyncratic marks and gestures. This forms a conversation between visual texture, colour, form and depth.

Eve Dawson is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the huge range of possibilities offered by acrylic paints. She puts beginners at their ease, and mentors the more experienced artist, encouraging experimentation, expression and enjoyment.

Join Eve for Abstract Painting in Acrylic

Kate Measham

Kate Measham is one of the founding partners of Hampshire Art studio and has been teaching different elements of artistic practise for over twenty years. Kate’s direction when she takes a class is to give her students the skills and confidence to try anything, to trust their own voice, not worry about making mistakes, be brave, and to make sure their work is not boring. Students leave her classes surprised and enthused.

Most of Kate’s work is driven by drawing, markmaking, texture and tone. This is as relevant in her oil landscapes as it is in life drawing or printing. Kate studied at Winchester School of Art, followed by a decade as a woodturner making magnificent bowls from fallen Hampshire trees.

Join Kate for a drawing class, Making your Mark

Sarah Waters

Last year Sarah ran a textile art masterclass with us that was hugely popular. Her wonderful felt pieces are like paintings with marks, layers, textures and colour combinations to put many a painter to shame. The photo below shows her thrilling, monumental works.

Sarah is a textile artist with a passion for feltmaking that originates from her love of sheep. Living in the New Forest her work reflects her desire to connect with nature and the importance of sustainability. 

Sarah has been spinning weaving and dyeing her own fleeces for over thirty years. Having graduated in Agriculture she set up and ran her own company, producing yarn and knitting kits from her own flock of several hundred Rare Breeds of sheep. Feltmaking was a progression after having to disperse the flock when her father sold his smallholding. Sarah now has almost thirty years of experience in teaching feltmaking from school children, adults with learning difficulties to community projects.

Join Sarah for a one day introductory, online class later this term. You need to book early to receive the kit…this box of treasures will set you up to work in Felt.

Georgina Potter

Georgina can be seen in her painting boiler suit outdoors on downland, and by the sea; any where, any weather but OUTSIDE. Last year she came to us for one of her renowned sky workshops. Lucky us – she is coming back in May. When checking George’s CV I was reminded of the number of prizes she has one. A very talented artist. Beneath the sky below is her description of her work.

‘My principle inspiration comes from changing light patterns and the way they, in turn, affect the landscape. I paint instinctively, working directly from life on smaller boards plein air and then often translating the smaller paintings into larger works in the studio. I make fast and decisive marks on the canvas, keeping mark making as lively and energetic as the weather itself. Working primarily in oils, the weather, and its effects on the landscape, are my primary concern, and most of my work reflects the changing light patterns accordingly.’

To find out more about her next SKY workshop with us:


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