Drawing from Still Life

A drawing class, using a still life for reference, should be an opportunity to push your boundaries. Why do something safe and dull? Yesterday’s students produced some excellent work from very unpromising still life set-ups.

Next week the same two still lives will be used for a painting class.

The regular Painting and Drawing classes (mostly on Thursdays) run in pairs. The first week is a morning of drawing from still life, landscape, imagination or something ‘other’, with different exercises and approaches to encourage students to explore and take ownership. The second class is a day of painting. These classes are stand alone – you can come to either or both.

These classes are suitable for all abilities. They are designed to stretch everyone, to make you look afresh, to encourage you to take risks, to enjoy and learn from other students’ varied approaches.

If you are interested in learning to paint with oils have a look at the Beginners Oil Painting Courses, I and II, or taking a closer look at colour with Sarah Spackman

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