Life Drawing, Picasso and Composition

with Kate MeashamMonday, 24th February, 20202.00pm - 5.00pmThe Studio, Bransbury, nr Winchester£40/session, model included Picasso quotes are 10 a penny on the internet. How many are genuine and how many are wishful thinking...who knows. Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction. I love life drawing. However, I have noticed that … Continue reading Life Drawing, Picasso and Composition

art classes new years resolution

Spring Classes and Resolutions

The New Year, a New Decade, is on the horizon. This is a good time for you to make art one of your New Year's Resolutions

getting ready to enjoy the process

Drawing into Oil Painting for Beginners

We will teach you that art is fun, frustrating, relaxing, exciting, sociable and contemplative: it will enhance your wellbeing, expand your view as you look at the world, and should give you a lifetime of pleasure.

Life, Drawing, Life Drawing

I love drawing. It is totally absorbing whilst you are in the act of drawing. It appeals to me physically as I lose myself in creating line, tone, marks. Drawing allows you to experiment, investigate, record, explore. It is thought provoking, challenging, frustrating, exciting. It is instinctive, expressive and purposeful. As birthday, or Christmas, or … Continue reading Life, Drawing, Life Drawing

New Classes start in September

It is a glorious sunny day; a Sunday to laze about with a book, or a sketchbook, or a Sunday to get jobs done. Don't waste it...pick fruit, get outside. This evening plan which autumn classes will make the darker days more interesting and fulfilling. Blue skies; ripe damsons Autumn isn't here yet but there … Continue reading New Classes start in September

Borrowed blog about being a life model

Jackson's Art are an excellent online shop for art materials. Their site is the closest thing to an online sweet shop that I know. In addition they have a regular blog covering a variety of subjects of interest to artists. This borrowed blog is about being a model. If it whets your appetite have a … Continue reading Borrowed blog about being a life model