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Life Drawing ONLINE

Join our online Life Drawing classes at Hampshire Art studio.

At HAs we are using ZOOM to get back to what we enjoy doing, but with the occasional twist.


The session is divided into 2 halves (a footballing term apparently) with the first half being guided by a tutor, Kate Measham or another.

If you want to do you own thing you can turn down the volume and ignore them; if you are a beginner you might find some of their tips helpful. There will be a number of quick poses, followed by longer poses. The second half will be one pose.

Most weeks our model will be wearing something akin to a swimming costume. In the sessions to come we will vary this approach.

Please join us for a fortnightly life drawing class via ZOOM. The dates of classes are:

  • Jan 20th
  • February 3rd, 24th
  • March 3rd, 17th
  • 6-8pm
  • £12 via ZOOM
  • Suitable for all

  • The class will start at 6.05pm.  Please be ready BEFORE you log on, with paper, pencils, charcoal and whatever materials you want to use.
  • We will send you an invitation to you log on to the class from 6.00pm onwards.
  • From 6.05 we ask you all to ‘MUTE’ yourselves – there is a button on screen to do this.
  • The tutor will instruct the model, so you should hear only their voices
  • If you click on the square that holds the model she will become the main picture.  You should be able to make her square occupy most, if not all of the screen. If you click on the three little dots in the top right hand corner of per square an click ‘pin’ in the drop down menu you should be ok.
  • The model will do a series of 1 minute poses, 2 minute poses and a  30 minute pose followed by a tea and wee break of 10-15 minutes.
  • Kate will offer guidance until half time. Please feel free to ignore it. We can all have a chat through the break – so demute at this stage
  • At approx 7.00 we will have a 45 min pose and then time to look and discuss each others pictures if you want to.
  • Please bring own wine!
  • Spread the word to anyone you think would be interested in online life drawing

     If you are new to ZOOM and worried about the technology please tell us. We can do an orientation session for 20 mins before the class. If you want to do this you will need to tell us beforehand.


    They will need to register with us so we can send them the code but will not be charged.

    Life Drawing, Picasso and Composition

    • with Kate Measham
    • Monday, 24th February, 2020
    • 2.00pm – 5.00pm
    • The Studio, Bransbury, nr Winchester
    • £40/session, model included

    unusual composition picasso

    Picasso quotes are 10 a penny on the internet. How many are genuine and how many are wishful thinking…who knows.

    Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.

    I love life drawing. However, I have noticed that life drawing, as with other drawing can get a little repetitive. This life drawing afternoon is aimed at a fresh look at life drawing.

    Everything you can imagine is real.

    Please bring with you your favourite drawing tools, to include masking tape, pritt stick, various sizes of charcoal and large cartridge paper (A1). This is available to purchase if you run out.

    This will be an exciting and invigorating afternoon of drawing.

    Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.

    Have a look at the Royal Academy exhibition details and link, Picasso on Paper

    Drawing into Oil Painting for Beginners

    Drawing into Oil Painting – Beginners

    with Kate Measham

    We run this beginners drawing and oil painting course over three  three-month terms, with a two day class once a month.

    • £480/ term,
    • £1,250 if you buy all three terms (offer only available until 20th January).
    • light lunch each day during the course.
    • sketchbook and file for notes provided.

    If you want to learn in a small class, with students keen to apply themselves this course is aimed at you. We will teach you that art is fun, frustrating, relaxing, exciting, sociable and contemplative: it will enhance your wellbeing, expand your view as you look at  the world, and should give you a lifetime of pleasure.

    Spring Term, 2020

    January to March class dates:

    • Thursday 16th-Friday 17th January
    • Thursday 13th-Friday 14th February
    • Thursday 12th-Friday 13th March

    Summer Term, May to July, 2020

    May to July class dates:

    • Thursday 14th-Friday 15th May
    • Thursday 18th-Friday 19th June
    • Thursday 16th-Friday 17th July

    Autumn Term, 2020

    September to November class dates:

    • Thursday 17th-Friday 18th September
    • Thursday 15th-Friday 16th October
    • Thursday 12th-Friday 13th November

    From 10.00am to 4.00 pm each day. A light lunch will be included.

    beginners oil painting palette

    There will be a certain amount of homework between months. This will involve sketchbook work, painting and reading. We will provide a sketchbook and file for notes for each term.

    Besides the sketchbook and file you will also get a list of suggested drawing and painting materials before the start of the course. Furthermore, the list will be out before Christmas (presents?).  There will be a 10% discount from CASS ART if you buy the basket we suggest through our link to their online shop.

    I am a beginner- where should I start , or how to start again as a rusty returner?

    This is the class for you. Your tutor will guide you through the process of learning to draw and paint in a step-by-step fashion. Drawing underpins everything we do and is how children communicate visually, before they can write.

    You can do it.

    Everything you learn whist drawing can be translated into how you paint. Oil painting, though tricky to start with, is probably one of the most instinctive, forgiving and enjoyable ways to paint. It combines with drawing in an easy, natural way.

    What will I learn?

    drawing from still life
    still life with antlers

    At HAMPSHIRE ART studio we view drawing as the foundation of art practise. You will learn to use charcoal, different pencils, ink, brush, graphite and anything else we can find. As important as the tools you use to draw is what you draw ON. You will try different papers and other supports.

    Elements learnt with drawing are essential in painting practise. The course will  include: measured drawing, expressive drawing, structure, mark making, composition, tone, texture, light, styles and approaches and use various  different materials.

    All the above will be addressed in painting with oils.   Also you will look at colour theory.

    How will the course work?

    Students will learn in a variety of ways, from still lifes, copying works of masters, drawing from life and from the imagination. You will make studies from still-lifes etc. to develop your skills of composition, draughtsmanship and modelling. We will also investigate the work of master artists to learn their techniques.

    working from paintings by masters of their craft

    The same elements used in drawing will be studied with regard to oil painting. In addition you will look at colour theory.

    The course will run for two consecutive days each month for 9 months over the period of a year. Each month we will introduce you to one of the basic building blocks of art.  You will approach it via drawing and then into painting.

    There will be a certain amount of optional homework between classes. You will be encouraged to keep sketchbooks.

    How will my drawing and oil painting progress be assessed?

    Each month there will be one to one, and group feedback sessions.

    There will be  continuous dialogue and evaluation of work produced. Your progress will be mapped by both you and the tutor so you are both aware of any anxieties and aspirations. Drawing into Oil Painting for beginners will be a carefully planned series of classes that build on what you learn from one month to the next.


    What can I expect to go on to after this course?

     This year will be a springboard for you.

    After a year’s work you will be considerably more knowledgeable about where your interests lie. You should have full sketchbooks and a bulging portfolio of work.

    intermediate painting class looking at the style of Scottish Colourists

    We can help you decide what the next step you take will be. A year of regular classes, student and tutor support and a certain amount of private study will set you firmly on the road to whatever area of interest you wish to pursue. If you want to join other classes with HAMPSHIRE ART studio you could look at intermediate classes, and masterclasses.

    Is there accommodation available? 

    We can advise you about different places to stay. There is plenty of parking at the studio.

    How do I purchase this course?

    Please visit the shop. Purchase either by term, or the entire course.

    Life, Drawing, Life Drawing

    I love drawing.

    It is totally absorbing whilst you are in the act of drawing. It appeals to me physically as I lose myself in creating line, tone, marks. Drawing allows you to experiment, investigate, record, explore. It is thought provoking, challenging, frustrating, exciting. It is instinctive, expressive and purposeful.

    As birthday, or Christmas, or anytime presents I give large paintbrushes or sketchbooks to anyone I think will enjoy them. This is in the hope that they will get as much pleasure from them as I do.

    Charcoal life drawing by Matisse

    Join me for a drawing class on Thursday 26th September, morning, or a Life Drawing Class on Thursday afternoon.

    This week both classes will be looking at line, weight of line, and economy of line. The work of Matisse will be used as a reference. Please bring charcoal, paper, any pencils you can lay your hand on.

    Have a look at HAMPSHIRE ART studio for more information and to book the classes