Intensive Introduction to Oil Painting

Beginners and Rusty Returners Painting in Andalucia

This October do something special: come to Casa Rosa to immerse yourself in this exciting, intensive introduction (or reintroduction) to oil painting with Kate Measham. Luxuriate in your creativity while being expertly looked after by Rosie and her staff. 

To reach Casa Rosa you travel inland, an hour from the colourful bustle of Malaga, to a warm, friendly welcome in the depths of the Andalucian countryside. Casa Rosa with its calm, beautiful backdrop of mountains and olive groves, its fabulous food and knowledgeable tutors is the ideal place to relax and completely engross yourself in an oil painting course.

If you are a complete beginner, or have been to an Oil Painting Beginners course, and it was fine on the day, but you feel rusty, have slightly lost confidence and can’t quite remember what to do…this intensive, week-long workshop with Kate Measham is the course for you. She is a very experienced tutor, enthusiastic, supportive and challenging. Kate will take you on a gallop through the basics to set you off again on the oil painting path, followed by exciting exercises to stretch you.

Oil painting is instinctive and forgiving, but most of all Kate wants you to enjoy it so it becomes part of your life.

  • Tutor, Kate Measham
  • 21st – 28th October, 2023
  • £2,125 full board, single occupancy, en-suite
  • £1,725 each, full board, shared occupancy, en-suite
  • Taxi to and from the airport is included if you arrive at Malaga Airport by the time suggested. There are many car hire companies if you wish to travel under your own steam.
  • Suitable for all abilities

What to expect on this Intensive Oil Painting Course

Painting with oils is great fun once you get going, so come along to remind yourself that you CAN do it.

We will be returning to basics, keeping things simple. If you are a beginner this is a perfect course for you too.

The workshop will cover:

  • tone, shape, line and space
  • lots of colour mixing, starting with tone, then with a limited palette, and a colour wheel
  • mark making, painting with brushes, cloths, palette knives
  • simple composition and
  • a look at landscape and still life using all these new skills

We will do lots of quick sketches, trying new ideas and methods, and developing good working practises. Good working practise helps to keep your colours clean. The big idea this week is to keep the process exciting and at the same time reinforcing everything you learn.

There will be a lot of drawing with charcoal and with oil paint. Drawing helps you to really look and discover your subject matter.

Please take time to read our terms and conditions. These are designed for the benefit of the whole party, students, tutors and staff.


Materials can be found online and in good art shops. Jacksons’ Art and Cass Art are fairly comprehensive sites with good quality own brand products. If you want to know more about products please ask. It is possible to buy materials and have them delivered to Casa Rosa. The material list is simple so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the starter kit. It is better to get larger tubes of these colours below rather than lots of little tubes. You will learn how to mix the colours you want from these three primaries and white.

For this course please bring a mix of oil paints that MUST include:

  • titanium white
  • alizarin crimson
  • lemon yellow
  • cobalt blue

Make sure you have at least twice as much white as any other colour.

In addition you will need:

  • charcoal, pencils, eraser
  • sketchbook, about A4
  • rags,
  • brushes (a mix of sizes), I like hog hair with square ends and at least 2 over an inch wide. Explore brush sets and buy the additional large brushes.
  • odour free solvents, (we will provide this)
  • your palette – disposable is fine.
  • palette knife, do not buy a plastic version
  • an A4 pad and an A3 pad of oil painting paper or canvas pads, 3 canvases or boards at least 16 x 12 inches

Kate Measham

Kate has been teaching and running courses in Hampshire for  over 20 years. She started life drawing sessions and bringing in friends to share the costs. Kate is an expert doodler, and drawer of everyday domestic objects, constantly sketching her surroundings.

Having graduated from the Winchester School of Art she has wanted to inspire others to enjoy, explore and play with different techniques of drawing, without inhibitions. ‘Just draw what you see. The more you look, the better you will see’ is her motto. Kate’s talent has seen her teaching in and around Hampshire for the past 15 years.  In her spare time she is busy drawing in St Ives, Cornwall, or with The Royal Drawing School, and looking for artists at the top of their fields, to join Hampshire Art Studio, then Art Draw Paint, and to share their skills in courses, workshops and Masterclasses.

Internationally Kate has had residencies in Greece and Florence and takes groups to Spain annually on drawing and painting retreats. You will see Kate’ work prolifically on Instagram and she has had exhibitions in Hampshire (Josie Eastwood Gallery in Longstock) and at the Mall Galleries and Green and Stone, London. 

Kate has a passion for woodlands and rivers and is currently working on a series of River drawings and paintings focussing on chalk streams and their environment. Her teaching at the Hampshire Art studio has transformed students’ perceptions of what they can achieve, learning to relish the process, take risks, make mistakes and enjoy the process.


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