HM Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee 2022

Special Offers in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee

We are looking forward to all the exciting events taking place around the country to celebrate Her Majesty’s extraordinary achievement of 70 years on the throne. What a lot has happened in that time, and how the world has changed.

In June, after the Jubilee weekend, we are celebrating the Landscape of Great Britain. Our focus will be the chalk downland, trees, hedges, Hampshire farmland and our chalkstream, the River Dever, by the Hampshire Art studio.

jubilee special offer

If you buy a landscape workshop in June, with any of our tutors, you can have a second one at a special jubilee half price (that is just £45/day). You can try a different workshop, or you can bring a friend with you.

We know how annoying it is if you have already bought an item and then you see there is a sale…SO…if you have already bought an item in the Landscape in June fortnight you can still claim another at half price.

I’m afraid we can’t offer a free class if you have already bought two workshops…but you can have two more half price workshops in the fortnight.

How can I claim my discount?

First buy the workshop you want at full price from the site (Landscape in June for all the workshops). Then, once you have chosen which you want at half price email us and we will send you a jubilee discount code.

Some courses are sold out so you should be quick

Don’t Miss Our Landscape Talks

In addition to the workshops we have two evening talks. We have Gail Brown, art historian, giving a brief evening talk about Modern British Landscape Painters and how landscape paintings reflect attitudes to nature and the environment. (SADLY A COVID CANCELLATION)

Nick Measham, CEO of Salmon and Trout Conservation will talk about the wonder of chalkstreams, how they are a unique heritage, and how we must make sure they survive for future generations.


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