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At 10.30 on a Thursday morning the radio would be switched on and our class of 4 year old girls and boys would be transformed into acorns growing into oak trees, with their leaves rustling in the wind. Music and movement, acorns into oak trees. This class may be part nostalgia for me but it is more than that. I love the process.

Glastonbury has been on BBC2 for the past few nights (seems wrong somehow, but I just enjoy it anyway). Watching the crowds moving to the throbbing music, living in the moment, all feral instincts to the fore. How can you capture something of that?

This class touches on the moving image and the passing of time, captured, but only slightly.

Moving Model, Kate Measham

Music and Movement this week with Kate Measham.

Music and Movement is the first class in July.

Thursday 4th at The Studio, Bransbury.


If you are used to life drawing classes being about classic poses, foreshortening, and measuring then you should try this as a change. Bodies rarely stay still; a person breathes, tenses, relaxes, fidgets, gets bored and wants to get up and move about.

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Bring an open mind – this is a very different experience.

If you want to find out more try this link Music and Movement.

To see if there are any places left contact Kate Measham on


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