Drawing into Print

A Sense of Place

Under the eye of expert tutor, Katherine Anteney, learn to create a lino cut print, from drawing through to two coloured print. The theme is a Sense of Place – an idea that will mean something different to each student. You will be asked to bring a few objects that remind you of a place, or time.

  • Tutor, Katherine Anteney
  • February 28th, 1st March
  • 10.00am – 4.00pm
  • £175/2days to include print materials (not drawing materials)
  • suitable for all
  • At the Studio Bransbury
  • Coffee, tea and cake available all day, please bring a packed lunch

What to expect on Drawing into Print workshop

This workshop will take you through the process of drawing for printmaking, and progressing from initial drawing exercises through to a finished 2 colour linocut.

To tie in with the theme of A Sense of Place we will be drawing from still life compositions made up of objects that hold a special place in our lives, or evoke memories. We can abstract these drawings and overlap them to end up with finished prints that merely suggest their forms through shape and colour. Or you can adopt a more figurative approach.

Katherine is a keen wild swimmer and cyclist.


You will need to bring: 

Two or three items that could form part of a still life that hold an important place in your memory, define the space you inhabit, or reflect your culture and lifestyle. These could be children’s toys, postcards, sombreros, ornaments, trophies, plants/flowers, a photograph in a frame…. etc You will undoubtedly find something suitable. For example I might bring one of my grandma’s china jugs, a quoin key, swimming goggles and some part of a bike I probably have hanging around. Bear in mind we are drawing these and looking for shape and form so keep that in mind too when you are selecting. 

drawing materials:

  • permanent thick marker (suggest a sharpie fine point)
  • graphite sticks (suggest 6B),
  • chunky charcoal,
  • putty rubber,
  • white chalk,
  • 2B pencil,
  • HB pencil
  • A3 paper pad cartridge

Lino tools if you have them (we will have them too)

wear clothes that are suitable for working in a creative environment, and bring an apron.

spectacles/magnifier if you use them for detailed work.

sheets of white tissue to take your prints home. NB your prints will still be wet at the end of the course, tissue may lift the ink off. If you can arrange a flat place in your car to get them home that would be better. 

Those of you who don’t have your own lino kit are welcome to use ours. We will provide ink, lino, cutters, print paper, roller etc.

If you would like to invest in your own kit we can provide these at the studio from the EXCELLENT Kate Watkins. You would need to buy these at time of booking – she would be making them to order for us, and they would be delivered to the studio.


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