Abstract Markmaking using Acrylics

  • Eve Dawson, Tutor
  • 7th & 14th December, 10.00 – 12.00,
  • Delivered via ZOOM
  • £40

What to Expect on Abstract Markmaking in Acrylics

Find a suitable space to work either upright or on a tabletop, and join Eve Dawson for this two hour session

This class is for anyone wanting to experiment in Abstract Acrylics – whether you are a beginner or have been working in acrylics for some time. 

The idea is to choose a limited colour palette with your choice of colours – say four or five acrylic colours ( if you want to discuss with me the colours you have chosen before the class you can via an email ) The colours you choose may be to match an interior or just because you love them. 

The class will be about making an initial mark on your paper and then following through your instinctive ideas that will bring the page together as an abstract picture. Before you start you may have an idea for a picture – the sky? the seaside? the landscape? – but instead of copying a view or a photo you will produce marks with your colours from memory and in an abstract way.

Eve will demonstrate and explore with you, the process, as you intuitively go about making a series of marks in Acrylic paints, Inks, graphite, oil pastels and a few other materials using and a variety of tools such as house painting brushes, palette knives and old credit cards.

The point of the session is to rid you of the fear of making that first mark, to trigger a natural response to the materials you are using and to discover what they can offer in the way of colour, substance and movement.

At the end of the session will you will come away with a new found confidence in your own individual style which can lead to a more creatively productive practise. 

You may decide to do two paintings over the two weeks or continue with one.


  • you may use paper or a canvas to the size that will allow you to hang it straight on the wall
  • a selection of brushes,
  • your selected palette of colours and ‘tools’ to help you apply paint to your canvas
  • a water mister
  • protective clothing
  • disposable gloves.
  • masking tape


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