Late Summer Walk, Forage, Draw

with Kate Measham

  • September 14th, 2020, 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
  • Meet at The Studio, Bransbury
  • £40/morning

After a walk down our lane at any time of year my pockets bulge with flints, and bones, feathers and sticks. September has rich pickings. The fruits and turning leaves are quite unlike at other times of year.

In their way these bits and bobs describe my walk, my environment and my interests. These are the things that I like to draw.

What is the structure of Late SummerWalk, Forage, Draw?

We will meet at the Studio and plan the morning. Bring a bag or basket, or simply large pockets, a sketchbook, large paper and something to draw or paint with quickly. A camera or smartphone would be very helpful too.

We will walk from Bransbury returning after about an hours walk, having foraged for treasures. Once back at the studio, or outside the studio if the weather is fine enough, you will put together a record of your walk.

The record of the walk will be in the form of a concertina sketchbook which you will make quickly on your return to the studio. Each student’s sketchbook will be different. We will be looking at colour, shape, texture and form. These will fill the sketchbooks in a variety of ways.

The Walk, the Foraging, and the Drawing/sketchbook creation are designed to be an open way of creating a record of the morning. The direction of the walk and what you find whilst foraging are unknown, so the drawing and sketchbook contents are unknown. This course is about taking pleasure in the process and discovery of the unknown.

For more information about land artists look at Walk as Art in the Free Online Ideas.


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