Andalucia: Autumn 2019

Casa Rosa at its most engaging

Each group we take to Casa Rosa has its own dynamic. As we gather for breakfast on the first morning everyone is slightly anxious. By the end of the week Casa Rosa feels like home. The studio is calm and this group, who worked hard, explored and tested their abilities, are relaxed and enthused by what they can do.

This autumn in Andalucia the weather was glorious; the sunrise pink on the mountains beyond the villa, and sunset creamy and still. Perfect.

We will be back in the spring for two separate weeks from 16th April – 4th May, 2020. Details of the two courses will be available over the next few weeks.


love at first sight, each morning



This group particularly enjoyed the colours and feel of the countryside and chose to work in the cool of the studio with windows and doors wide open to catch a breeze.

We gathered sketches and information from the gardens and orchards of Casa Rosa, and further afield, in the ancient olive groves on the other side of the village. Antonio guided the group through these ancient trees, telling tales of how they got their names, what happened as the Moorish occupation ended and the Spanish reclaimed the land. We sat enjoying the shade of these magnificent trees as others have done before us.


Food, food, food

The food at Casa Rosa looks good, smells great, tastes delicious and disappears with enthusiasm, speed and a total disregard for anything else. There were pomegranates bursting with ripeness in the orchards; they were in salads. Lemons from outside the kitchen went into gin and tonics. Rosemary went onto the barbecue.

 Gallery of the week from Andalucia:Autumn 2019


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