Autumn Art Classes – enjoying the process

All the best ideas come through practise, hard work and enjoying the process. A regular visual workout improves your dexterity, your understanding and your thought processes.

Sometimes it is hard. You have to take risks, and it might not always be a masterpiece, but to get better you have to take a step into the unknown. Then, next time it won’t be so unnerving.

Come to regular classes, work through different ideas in a supportive atmosphere and start enjoying the process.

This autumn join a regular Thursday art course with a mix of drawing, painting and life drawing. There is a price incentive to sign up for batched days at a time.

If you want to only do Life drawing, or painting, or drawing that is fine too. There are 15 classes across the three areas – take your pick. 

Maybe this sounds complicated – hopefully you can understand the variations. If you want to discuss options contact me Kate Measham


  • Thursday September 12th, Tone using varied materials
  • Thursday September 26th Different weight, direction and sharpness of line
  • Thursday October 17th Mark making: descriptive, instinctive, decorative
  • Thursday October 31st A gallop through composition
  • Thursday November 21st Experimental, risk taking, pushing to the edge
  • 10.00 – 13.00
  • £40/morning


These drawing sessions will be based on still lifes with a different focus each week. These will include: line, tone, markmaking, composition, and experimental drawing.

Large drawing of Laval
Enjoying the process of markmaking

Life Drawing

  • Thursday September 12th Measured Life Drawing: pencil, heartbeat, space and time
  • Thursday September 26th Line with reference to Matisse and Gill
  • Thursday October 17th Moving model
  • Thursday October 31st Two models
  • Thursday November 21st Experimental
  • 13.00 – 17.00
  • £50/afternoon


dance movement sketch
Pencil drawing of a girl dancing, moving to and fro.


Painting – looking at the building blocks

Taught by Kate Measham and Chris Davis

  • Thursday September 19th Tone and Tempera, light and depth
  • Thursday October 10th Focus, bridging, line and contrast
  • Thursday October 24th Markmaking, three artists, three styles
  • Thursday November 7th The Fauves, colour, complementaries
  • Thursday November 28th Painting people from life
  • 10.00 – 16.00
  • £80/afternoon


To some degree these painting sessions will continue from the drawing sessions of the previous week. They will be based on the same Still life with a strong focus each week.

Oil painting for beginners
Spanish Biscuits, Casa Rosa

This painting is from my spring trip to Casa Rosa. For the autumn trip have a look at Autumn in Andalucia

All classes will be at the Studio, Bransbury, SO21 3QJ.

In addition we have a student concession at Cass art who will give you a 10% discount on a basket of materials for these classes .


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