Andalucia with Michael Weller NEAC

Take a break from drab winter days of February in Britain with this week-long artists’ retreat at beautiful Casa Rosa in southern Spain.

Michael Weller will guide you through his approach to abstraction. This is for artists who’d like some help exploring landscape painting, in peace and quiet – and the early Spanish sun.

When I asked Michael what he would like to teach at Casa Rosa he said:

We’ll try a few things I find helpful with my own painting. I paint in an abstract, general way. Big shapes. A few colours. A sense of the place. Enjoying the paint.

Michael Weller

  • Tutor, Michael Weller, NEAC
  • 17-25 February, 2024
  • £2,580 single occupancy, full board, tuition
  • £2,100 shared occupancy, full board, tuition
  • Taxi to and from the airport is included if you arrive at Malaga Airport by the time suggested. There are many car hire companies if you wish to travel under your own steam.

Wednesday will be untutored giving everyone the option of a quiet day, or a chance to practise what they have been doing on days 1, 2 and 3. Thursday and Friday will be used to consolidate what has been learnt, or to try new approaches.

Please take time to read our terms and conditions. These are designed for the benefit of the whole party, students, tutors and staff.

What to Expect on Landscape and Abstraction

You start each day by trying a few compositions – responding intuitively to what seems interesting – line drawings, colour studies. Later you’ll work more slowly, having found the compositions you really want to paint.

Michael will give demos and go round to talk to students one-to-one. Some experience of drawing is helpful but all levels are welcome. Help will be given.

Subjects to consider: in the garden, lemon trees, olive groves, views across the mountains, and quiet nearby villages.


Michael uses oil paint. If you’d rather work in gouache, watercolour, acrylic or pastels it’s fine. If you want to keep drawing, it’s fine.

Recommended for Oil Painting


60ml tubes, or bigger, and at least twice as much white. Jacksons Artists Colours are affordable, good quality.

  • Zinc white.
  • Cadmium yellow light.
  • Alizarin crimson.
  • Cobalt blue hue.
other stuff
  • Low-odour oil-paint solvent. A small jar for the oil solvent. Zest-It or Sansador are fine. Casa Rosa will provide low odour solvent if necessary.
  • Brushes and palette knives. Have some bigger brushes too.
  • Ink (for drawing)
  • Cut-down cardboard primed with white acrylic primer. 13 x 18cm to 25 x 30cm.
    If you have a surface that you like to work on, stick with that.
  • Palette or mixing surface. Paper tearaway palette is great. Wooden palette fine.
  • Kitchen paper or rags. A plastic bag for rubbish.
  • Plastic disposable gloves are great.
  • Apron is good.
  • Newspaper for blotting the paint and testing the colours.

Bring a sketchpad or some paper.

Casa Rosa has studio easels. If you have field easels/pochard boxes please feel free to bring them with you – they may be easier to carry further afield.