Tuesdays are Still Life at Wherwell

Tuesdays could be a time you set aside for art, drawing or painting.

Oil paints
Oil paints by Kate Measham

Spend time practising what you have learnt, or following through with a project.

There will be a Still Life set up each week. This will not be a tightly directed class but  I will be around to help, encourage and make the tea. No doubt I will interfere with useful suggestions, and  it is good to work with a friendly group, away from the distractions of home, work, family and obligations.

Tuesdays, all day, 9.30-5.00, stay as long as you like.

one off day, £35,

or pay for  half a term (5 days at a time) £150. I’m very sorry, you can’t carry days through to the next half of term, if you miss them, you miss them.

Starting Tuesday, 19th April

19th, 26th April

3rd,10th,17th,24th May

7th,14th, 21st,28th June


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