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First Aid Course

First Aid Course 

With Southwest Health and Safety

1stMarch, 8.30am – 5.00pm

£104/head (normal price £114, incl VAT or £95 without)

At Riverside Cottage Studio,Bransbury, nr Andover, SO21 3QJ

Southwest Health and Safety (SWHS) are a professional organisation offering first aid courses and CPR training with a certificate on completion. This course will help you with essential first aid skills that may be called upon in the home, at work,  with employees – or wherever they may be needed. 

Do you know what to do if someone is cut badly, or has an eye injury, chokes or burns themselves? If a person collapses how do you make them safe and comfortable? SWHS are offering a first aid course that will enable participants to give immediate correct attention if someone is injured, or taken ill.

SWHS follow HSE guidance and deliver a high standard of first aid training.

Why should I take this First Aid accredited course?  

SWHS courses lead to fully approved qualifications. They are designed to meet all of an employers regulatory and statutory duties by complying with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

Their trainers have a wealth of experience within the first aid sector, so feel free to ask questions during the course and apply to them at a later date with further questions; we are confident they will be able to help you.

Would you know what to do?

First aid education and qualifications give you the confidence to help when it is needed. 

All SWHS courses are fun & engaging, with lots of practice. They know that first aid is a serious matter but if enjoy the day you will learn, remember and be prepared to use your crucial new skills. 

If you are interested in joining this course please contact me as soon as possible either by phone (01980 863155) or email: kate@pennylanefarm.com  

For more information about South West Health and Safety please visit their website:


FREE taster day – Learning to Look

If you haven’t been to any of my classes before you might be a bit anxious about embarking on a course without knowing what you are letting yourself in for. Try this taster day, the first of the Still Life sessions of the term.

20th September,  9.30am – 12.45pm

Free ‘taster’ class open on a first come, first serve basis. Open to anyone whether you have been to a course with me before, or not. Please email me if you wish to come along; I need to know numbers.

This is the basis of all drawing and painting and is surprisingly easy to ignore, especially when you think you ‘know’ an object. There will be a number of exercises to help you really SEE what is in front of you.

This class will show you various ways to trick you into seeing what is in front of you.


Autumn Art at the Riverside Yurt Cafe



River Landscapes on the Shoulders of Giants

14,th 21st, 28th September

9.30am – 4.00pm

£70 each, or £180 for all three

Three days by the River Test looking at different methods used by Masters of the techniques. Coffee and light lunch are included.

Contact me for more details and availabilitykate@artdrawpaint.com
Have a look at Riverside Lifestyle’s website for more information and directions http://www.riversidelifestyle.co.uk



Van Gogh and Mark Making – 14th September, 2016

Van Gogh implies depth and distance using weight of marks. Movement, flowers, paths and more, are all depicted with an economy of descriptive line, dot, circle and shape.



You will develop a way of drawing using a vocabulary of different marks. Materials used will be pencils, pens and inks.



Cy Twombly, Picasso, Chris Ofili and Mixed Media – 21st September, 2016

 The joy of playing with art is often forgotten. Mixed media is not a cross between Blue Peter’s cut and paste, and Playschool. Rediscover the fun of mixing wax crayons and watercolours, of sticking a print into a drawing. This playful approach will help you relax creatively, and try new ideas. There are no rules and no boundaries. Lots of different materials will be used.


The Fauves and Colour – 28th September, 2016

The Fauves were a group of French painters prominent from 1905, including Matisse, Vlaminck, and Derain, characterized by the use of bright colours and simplified forms.


You will be interpreting the landscape by the river and yurt, embracing the Fauves use of colour. Suggested materials would be bright inks, watercolour dyes, acrylics –basically anything bright and quick drying.





Life Class on Wednesday Evenings

5th, 12th and 19th October

6pm – 9pm

£40 each or £100 for all three

Three evenings of taught life drawing in October, kept warm by a wood burning stove.


A Single Pose – 5th October, 2016


In this first class you will learn the basics of life drawing, looking at different drawing materials, thinking about foreshortening, and proportions. The model will keep the same pose all evening so you can focus on the mechanics of life drawing.


Music and Movement – 12th October, 2016


This evening will be about gestures, rhythm and flow. The thought of drawing a moving figure sends most beginners into a blind panic. DO NOT PANIC. You will find you are better at this than you thought. You will learn to observe the movement of a body, with its repetitions and rhythms.


The Clothed Form – 19th October, 2016


Most of the bodies we see are clothed most of the time. The way clothes hang, fit and move describe the body within. This evening you will look at how to capture the model still, and moving, and how their clothes enhance the actions or otherwise.



Materials and paper will be provided, plus vital tea or coffee at half time.

Summer Art Courses at Riverside Yurt Cafe

See and be Seen…beyond the Selfie                      

Portrait and Self Portrait, Parent and Child

Thursday 21st July, 2016

10.00am – 2.00pm

£80/adult and child combination.

Each additional person/£30


Everyone thinks they know what they look like – selfies are everywhere – but take another look.

On this course you and your child (or grandchild, friend, godchild, niece, nephew etc etc) will play around with different ways of drawing yourselves, and each other. Through the day you will be drawing, using colour and modelling with clay (more than a chance you will get messy).

We will provide the materials needed for the day if you bring smallish mirrors for everyone doing the workshop. It will involve paint and clay so wear appropriate clothes. There must be at least one adult to every two children. It is appropriate for most age groups.

This is a fun exercise to enjoy in the beautiful setting of the yurt in a field by the river Test. There will be a picnic lunch provided using the same fine ingredients sourced for the café.

Please tell us the ages of the children taking part.


Art and Nature Scavenger Hunt

Thursday 4th August, 2016

10.00am – 2.00pm

£80/adult and child combination.

Each additional person/£30


The Riverside Yurt is set in beautiful Hampshire countryside, surrounded by fields and trees, with the river Test running next to the entrance.

Bring your child to a morning’s Nature and Art Scavenger Hunt. We will send you both off to find flowers, leaves, bark rubbings and more. And then record what you have found.

You will be asked to find, draw and record all sorts of different bits of the field, and surrounding flora and fauna.

At the end of the morning’s hard work there will be a picnic lunch provided by the Riverside Yurt Café, using the same fine ingredients sourced for the café.

We will provide the materials needed for the day. It will get messy so wear appropriate clothes. There must be at least one adult to every two children. It is appropriate for most age groups.

Please tell us the ages of the children taking part.



Thursday 11th August, 2016

10.00am – 2.00pm

£80/adult and child combination.

Each additional person/£30


I love masks.

All over the world different cultures make masks for ceremonies, rituals, theatre and a multitude of other reasons.

They are great fun to make. You will make a couple of different masks using different methods. We will provide the materials needed for the day.

At the end of the morning’s hard work there will be a picnic lunch provided by the Riverside Yurt Café, using the same fine ingredients sourced for the café.

It will get messy so wear appropriate clothes. There must be at least one adult to every two children.

It is appropriate for most age groups but please can you tell us the age of the child.


For more information about classes please contact Kate Measham at kate@artdrawpaint.com or take a look at our website www.artdrawpaint.com.


For information about all the different things on offer at the Riverside Yurt have a look at www.riversidelifestyle.co.uk







Lavender (and wild flower) Workshop – In a Field by the River Test

Lavender fields in the SUN

Art workshop @riverside_yurt_cafe #artclass #wherwellstudio #stockbridge #landscape #lavender #markerpens
A very busy morning at the Riverside Yurt Cafe. After a frantic session trying varied, and new materials the class were treated to delicious raspberry and lavender jam and clotted cream and scones. They seemed to go down well.

Strong work was produced using a variety of different media.  The two most popular seemed to be black marker pens and the wonderful KOH-I-NOOR  12 Brilliant Water Colour Paint,  (Anilinky).  These are available from Amazon for less than £5.00. Well worth a play. The sun shone all morning and we were warm. This is noteworthy.

Keep a look out for Summer Holiday Classes at the Yurt. These will be for children and adults to work together…scavenger hunts, self portrait classes, picnics and mask making. The picnics are particularly good.  These might be good days out for Grannies and Grandpas with their grandchildren. More to follow
(work in progress)FullSizeRender

Quick…get to Mottisfont – see Schlee Collection

The exhibition features works by major artists including Graham Sutherland, Peter Lanyon, Stanley Spencer and Gillian Ayres. Visitors will be able to enjoy portraits and landscapes, as well as observational drawings, abstract works and compositional sketches.

The art of drawing

Highlights include studies by Sutherland for his crucifixion paintings, where stark black lines and dense shading create Christ’s agonised form on the cross. In contrast, Stanley Spencer used delicate pencil outlines to represent stretcher-bearers during the First World War.

The show ranges from the energetic scribbles of Frank Auerbach, from which London landscapes take shape, to the exuberant colours of Gillian Ayre’s abstract work and Michael Rothenstein’s designs of birds.

If you have a chance over the next couple of days (before Sunday 3rd July) head to Mottisfont, nr Romsey, to see drawings from the Schlee Collection. This wonderful collection is normally hidden away in the vaults of Southampton Art Gallery. Grab this chance to see drawings, preparatory drawings and other works by major modern British artists.  Thoroughly recommend it – much better than looking out at the rain.


A Day by the River Test

Wednesday was surprisingly busy for a contemplative sort of day. The aim of the course was  to capture the day, the moment,  and the experience of the senses and the river. Wonderful, imaginative work was produced. Delicious lunch. No rain.

The time was filled with strimming, mowing, humming, rubbing, sticking, reading, mapping, drawing, drawing, drawing, painting, thinking and writing. There are so many different aspects to capture, so much information to gather and the dilemma of ‘what do I want to say?’ and ‘how do I say it?”.


from “River Barrow”, by Ted Hughes

  Trees inverted

Even in this sliding place are perfect.

All evil suspended. Flies

Teem over my hands, twanging their codes

In and out of my ear's beam. Future, past,

Reading each other in the water mirror

Barely tremble the thick nerve.

Heavy belly

Of river, solid mystery

With a living vein.

There were vital moments to pause, contemplate and drink coffee (delicious cakes at Riverside Yurt Cafe too).


There is a further day at The Riverside Yurt Cafe on 6th July, discovering their lavender field. The morning will be spent painting and drawing and trying lavender jams with cream tea at coffee time – I’m sure coffee will be allowed. To find out more try this link

Lavender Workshop

A morning drawing by the Test

BBC weather promised a dry morning. This was not the case but our intrepid artists did not let this hold them back. There were brief moments of hiding under trees, but in general most work was done on the riverbank.  Well done everyone.

The morning was about drawing, different methods and different media.

A variety of different materials were tried, many for the first time. Graphite, carbon,ink, BBQ charcoal, propelling pencils and anything else we could lay our hands on was given a go. Some pictures used raindrops as interesting marks. Pens were whittled from twigs collected from the area outside the yurt. Baby wipes were used as an artistic implement, possibly for the first time EVER.

All the work produced made good use of the beautiful setting with studies of various flora and fauna.

The retreat to coffee and delicious cake in the warmth of the yurt was welcome as the heavens opened.

Next week on Wednesday 22nd June we have a full day of river study with a delicious lunch included. For more information have a look at River

Toby the spaniel loved the whole thing…he’s in there somewhereIMG_0075



Drawing by the River Test – Rhythm, ebb and flow

A morning by the river

15th June, 2016, 9.30am – 12.45pm

£35/ morning.

What could be more lovely than to sit by a river and draw? And what could be more frustrating?

Learn through experiments and new techniques, how to approach a river drawing and overcome these frustrations.

The beautiful chalk stream that runs through the villages of Barton Stacey and Newton Stacey is the Test. Its glories inspire fishermen and artists alike. The Riverside Yurt Café is in a meadow, by the river and will be our base for a morning drawing workshop.

IMG_0018Spend a morning by the river exploring different drawing techniques. You will be looking at Van Gogh’s mark making and experimenting with marks of your own. Working in charcoal, pencil, pen and ink and graphite you will try to capture something of the magic of the river and its environment. For more information have a look under ‘courses’ or click this link Drawing By the River

This workshop is appropriate for all standards.

£35/ morning. To include regular tea and coffee.

The café serves delicious cakes to tempt you if you wish to purchase them on the day

Tuesday Still Life

Yesterday was the first day of term for the Still Life workshop.

We had a go at painting using only Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine blue, and White.  below is work in progress – more to be done next week. Picture above has more work done on it.

Quite surprising results from such a limited palette.