• Wednesday 29th July, 10.00am – 11.30am
  • £12/session or as part of your monthly HAS Art Club.

The class will be via Zoom. You will be given your access code on the morning of the class. If you have not used this technology before please try to ‘arrive at the class’ before 9.50 so we can help you if you need help.

Windowsills are the halfway point between inside and outside.

more of a balcony than a windowsill, Matisse

What you have on windowsills can be in the middle distance. A strange place that is neither here, nor there. In my kitchen I have bird books, wild flower identifiers, how to grow monster veg – all about being outside from the inside. We tend to think of pictures of interiors, or landscapes outside, or even the view through a window.

In this class we are going to focus on this interesting, in-between area. It will be an interesting look at composition, warm and cool colours, strongly hued colours, and how we represent ourselves to the world. My windowsill is about me.

view from my computer, pens, boxes, bottles, chinese lanterns…bits, bobs and stuff

You will be working towards a final piece, looking at colour, line, composition, narrative, perspective, and anything else that arises. But you will finish the piece on your own after the initial work in the class.


  • drawing materials, pencils, charcoal etc
  • large cartridge paper, a few sheets
  • quick and easy paints or something to apply colour
  • whatever media you wish to work on, and a support for your final piece.

Don’t let yourself feel you know the direction you wish to take before you start the process.

Be prepared to explore, investigate and let the picture lead you in a new direction.