with Kate Measham

  • Wednesday 17th June, 10.00am – 11.30am
  • £10/session or as part of your monthly Lockdown Art Club. Join our Lockdown Club for a discount with the online classes

The class will be via Zoom. You will be given your access code on the morning of the class. If you have not used this technology before please try to ‘arrive at the class’ before 9.50 so we can help you if you need help.

This is a theme that I find endlessly intriguing. I’m not sure if it is about composition or narrative. That makes it sound complicated. Repetition isn’t complicated but it is intriguing.

If you make a copy of an object, or have two, three or twenty eight objects their significance begins to change. What is the difference between a repeated print, and a repeated drawing? If the repetition is colour, or shape, or size do you dismiss the similarity or focus on it?

Is individuality lost in the crowd?

The sameness makes the objects a singular mass, yet slight differences within the individuals in the mass are accentuated.

This line-up of spring bramble shoots starts to assume new meanings. Presented like this, without comment or interpretation, the viewer is free to have their own conversation, make their own interpretation.

One starts to look for the differences


  • tracing paper
  • something you can use to make prints – a potato, a sponge, anything simple, plus paint/brush etc to make the print.
  • scissors
  • glue (Pritt Stick)
  • drawing materials, pencils, charcoal etc
  • large cartridge paper, a few sheets
  • quick and easy paints or something to apply colour

You will not be working towards a final piece, but looking at colour, line, composition, narrative, perspective, and anything else that arises from repetition.

Don’t let yourself feel you know the direction you wish to take before you start the process.

Be prepared to explore, investigate and let the picture lead you in a new direction.

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