with Katie Sollohub

Drawing is like music and poetry; it flows, it follows the movement of your hand, it can twist and turn, float and dance. From light and airy to dark and brooding; an expressive language of marks. 

To feel confident in drawing, we must first overcome any hesitancy, by becoming familiar with process and materials. This course is aimed at doing just that and is suitable for all, beginners or those wishing to work in a different way. 

  • Tutor, Katie Sollohub
  • November 8, 9
  • 10.00 – 16.00
  • £200/2 days
  • Tea and Coffee provided, please bring your own lunch
  • Suitable for all

What to expect on this course

Katie will guide you using a series of practical exercises, supported by guided meditations, and some poetry for inspiration.

Firstly, you will be looking at the innate quality of the drawing materials, the way we touch them to the paper, the movement of our hands and bodies. Then, inspired by the nature surrounding this riverside studio, we will look at the abstract qualities of flickering light, ripple of water, movement of leaves, layers, combinations, edges and composition. Selected poems and your own words will interweave the drawing exercises, to give a fully enriched sense of the connection of drawing to other art forms, how the line can be used to describe so much of our visual and sensory world. 

Making marks, rubbing out, layering; working at speed and on more sustained drawings. We will be working at different scales, both large (A1) and small (A5), in black and white drawing materials (charcoal, graphite, pen and pencil) including some using ink, gouache and collage. Using fingers, rags and charcoal on sticks, you can expect to get a hands on experience!

You will come away refreshed and inspired, with an approach that can be brought to any subsequent drawing projects you find yourself doing in the future. This is a practice that requires practice. This way of working can in time become your own, until you are fluent in your own language of drawing. 

NB this course would make a great partner to The Poetry of Paint with Emily Ball the following week. Katie and Emily have taught together for 25 years and will be collaborating on the structure of each of their courses. You can expect to find the exercises follow from one to the other, each echoing and reinforcing what can be learnt whether drawing or painting. It would be a real bonus to do both courses, although each will stand on its own, neither is a pre-requisite for the other.


  • charcoal, different sizes
  • graphite
  • black and white chalk
  • pencils
  • gouache, white and black
  • black ink (indian), and dipping pen
  • A1 paper pad (cartridge)
  • pre cut smaller watercolour paper for ink
  • A4 photocopy paper
  • rags and rubbers
  • A5 paper
  • A4 notebooks – we have some hardback notebooks available at the studio for £10