Are we nearly there yet?

June 3rd– 7th, 2019


Personal Projects

 You will call on the work of previous weeks to inform a final project.

If you have not done all the previous weeks you may still take part. There will be a number of suggested subjects but you are welcome to work on your own.

head-study-for-the-masque-of-cupid-by-Edward-Burne-JonesHow to start

Monday 3rdJune

With ideas buzzing in your head it can be tricky to work out what you want to do – or worse still, you know exactly what you want to do.   This first day you will be keeping all your balls in the air. You will find ways to do this and gradually decide on a direction.


And they’re off…

Tuesday 4thJune

You may well be juggling with a couple of ideas and directions. Through various exercises and discussions you should be clearer about the path you will follow by the end of the day.


Towards the finish

5th, 6th7thJune

Hopefully, by the end of the week you will have finished this particular project though it may be the start of many more to come.




I would like to have an exhibition of the work produced over the months.  At the moment we are looking at some time in June or July.