January 14th– 18th2019, 10.00 – 4.30 each day

£450/week, or £90/day

Some materials supplied

Tea and coffee supplied through the day.

Please bring your own lunch

The Studio, Riverside Cottage, Bransbury, Hampshire

Appropriate for ALL abilities

Start 2019 with an intensive week of drawing.

Learn to look, discover different materials, think about composition, and think about expressing yourself.  A child draws without complicated hang-ups; as adults preconceptions about what a drawing should be gets in the way.


Over the course of this week you will start to discover ways to draw that  may be new to you, to take risks and enjoy them, embrace the exploration and find a way to draw that is unique to you.

Monday 14th January £90/day

Learning to Look

A huge, surprising Still Life all down the middle of the studio. This Still Life will be the focus of the week but will change, have things taken away, moved, and added to it. Lots of exercises in looking, moving places, trying things from different angles, close in, far away, and from memory.  A look at tone, texture and line.

End the day with a discussion about what we did, how looking closely at things can change your appreciation of them.

Tuesday, 15th January £90/day

Discovering Materials


Drawing with paint, ink, charcoal, pencils, chalk, white paint, brushes, pens, hand made pens, prints, found materials, rubbings, collage, anything new we can find will be tried.  The reference will still be the Monster Still Life.

End the day with a discussion about what we did, do different materials add to a picture, does a material that is tricky to use stop you using it, how do you feel about erasing a line, are you aware of your body/physicality as you draw?

Wednesday, 16th January £90/day


A day of looking at different compositions, repetition, size, shape, books narrative etc. still referring to the Monster Still Life. Students will try to do different sorts of compositions that will make the understanding of the work vary.

End the day with a discussion about what we did, how important composition is, how lazy we can be about it, how liberating it can be, is it as important as the previous two days?

Thursday 17th January £90/day

Expressive Drawing

Today will be about an intuitive response to the still life, the surroundings and the class.  It will call upon the previous three days with the addition of mark making, and thoughts about time and emotions.

Each student will be asked to think about a project for tomorrow. There will be a choice of two subjects, Time passing, or poetry.

Friday 18th January £90/day

Final day; the start of things to come…

stiftgedicht poetry

Each student will give a quick presentation of what they are going to do today (time passing, or poetry).  There is no expectation to finish the work today.

You will end the  week with a combined drawing project.  This will be based on the Monster Still Life and aspects of the course so far.