with Eve Dawson

Let the talented Eve Dawson guide you through the exciting world of painting with acrylics based on Still Life. Your paintings will be inspired by contemporary artists, and Masters such as Matisse and Van Gogh. Gain confidence by learning different approaches, and processes. Delight in the versatility and intuitive nature of these materials

  • tutor, Eve Dawson
  • October 11th, 18th, November 1st, 8th
  • Via Zoom and Whatsapp
  • 10.00-12.00 demonstration and exercises, return at 4.00pm for individual crits
  • £160/course
  • The Zoom class will be recorded, but not the crits at the end of the day.

What to expect on Still Life with Acrylics

In this four week Zoom course Eve will steer you through the process of painting a series of still life studies. You will discover numerous ways to create a still life from contour sketching through to use of colour, referring to contemporary and well known artists. 

Each week you will be painting and drawing from a simple still life display that you have arranged, as directed by Eve. Live, in your own space, your still life will include flowers, fruit, china and textiles similar to those painted by artists such as Matisse and Van Gogh but chosen by you.  Eve will have a still life in her studio. She will demonstrate the different approaches of a new artist each week, and how these techniques can be realised in acrylic.

By the end of the course you will have studied and taken inspiration from a variety of different artists and their processes. You will start to experience and appreciate the versatility of acrylic paints.

These four courses will increase your confidence in the different uses of this media, and set you on the path to finding your own voice.

acrylic painting course


Eve would recommends you collect paint with as many different reds, magentas, blues, and yellows as possible, so you can mix a good variety of colours.

  • 4 ready made canvases or canvas boards or thick cartridge paper A1,
  • Any paints you already have plus any of the following:
  • Titanium White,
  • Mars Black 
  • Payne’s Grey,
  • Indigo,
  • Ultramarine Blue, or any other blue
  • Cadmium Red or any other red or magenta
  • Lemon Yellow,
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • pencils, charcoal, fixative
  • A mixing plate 
  • two jars of water
  • Kitchen Roll