The September term commences on 20th September with a week long Drawing course, open to all but part of An Inquisitive Person’s Introduction to Art.

The Inquisitive Person’s Introduction to Art will take you through all sorts of medias and techniques over two terms. Some of the classes you may have tried before and need a refresher, or they may be new to you. It will be an exciting and invigorating course with lots of art, lots of fun and socialising and a great deal of knowledge learnt over the period, which will build confidence in your work and give you a step up to the next stage of your journey.

An Inquisitive Person’s Introduction to Art is aimed at beginners who want a thorough grounding in art and those who may have lost their way, or had a break from being creative due to life getting in the way.

Most of the workshops for An Inquisitive Person’s Introduction to Art are on a Monday and Tuesday of each week ( not over half terms) There will be homework and tutoring in between.

All our workshops can be purchased individually or as part of the Inquisitive Person’s Introduction to Art. ( obviously cheaper to buy the course with lots of added extras too)

There will be other workshops and courses on other days which you are welcome to join in on and for the more experienced artist, there is also plenty to choose from.

Our popular Masterclasses with experts sharing their knowledge are also being organised.

We are also launching a new Mentoring Lunch Group ( also part of the IPA); a one-to-one and group tutorial / discussion about how your art is progressing.

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