with Sam Clayden

  • Tutor, Sam Clayden
  • April 22nd – 29th, 2023
  • £1,760, full board, single occupancy, en suite
  • £1,510 each, full board, shared occupancy, en suite
  • £950 for non-painting, sharing partner, shared occupancy, full board
  • taxi service to and from airport if you arrive at our suggested time.
  • Suitable for all abilities

What to expect on Plein Air Painting in Andalucia

The Plein Air Landscape Painting workshop is designed for artists of all levels. The course will cover everything from composition, colour mixing and colour theory to drawing, brushwork and battling the potential impracticalities of working outside.

This intensive workshop will focus on capturing fleeting moments of light in the beautiful Andalucian landscape. Casa Rosa sits in a rural idyll surrounded by mountains, distant villages and olive groves. Students will paint multiple studies per day, of a variety of scenes and at a range of sizes. In addition there will be a few larger projects to work on over the course of two days. You can expect to be equipped with knowledge of the key principles of oil painting and experience of picture-making outside in constantly changing light conditions. 


A more comprehensive materials list will be issued with booking.

  • Canvases or panels
  • pochade box with tripod or field easel (optional, we have easels in the studio there)
  • Brushes 
  • Solvent + jar/tin (some solvent available at Casa Rosa)
  • Linseed or safflower oil + jar
  • Kitchen roll/rags
  • Backpack or means of carrying materials 

It is possible to have materials delivered to Casa Rosa if ordered some time in advance.

Sam Clayden

Sam Clayden is a portrait and landscape artist working in London.

Alongside working on commissions and personal projects for exhibition, he is an experienced teacher running drawing and painting workshops out of his Wimbledon studio. He is currently exhibiting with the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries. 

When painting landscapes, Sam is primarily interested in capturing moments of light and atmosphere through attention to colour harmony, tone and shape. Having painted hundreds of landscape sketches whenever he has a spare moment, Sam believes anyone can learn to paint convincing impressions of nature so long as they are prepared to fail a lot along their journey.