Often described as the master of light, Sorolla was a voracious painter who captured the light of southern Spain like nobody who came before or after him. He combined the sense of realism and bravura of contemporaries like Sargent with the vibrancy of colour and atmosphere of the French impressionists to create sunlit pictures full of life.

While teaching a landscape painting workshop at Case Rosa in Andalucia earlier this year, Sam Clayden witnessed and was enthralled by the same light Sorolla was capturing a century ago. 

Sam will be returning to Casa Rosa in Spring, 2024.

  • Tutor Sam Clayden
  • 15 and 22 August, 2023
  • £99/2day workshop, online
  • 10.00 – 12.00 demo, online via Zoom, YouTube Video available after.
  • 4.30 – 5.15 return to Zoom for questions and crit.
  • WhatsApp group

What to expect on this On the Shoulders of Giants workshop

In this demonstration Sam will first make a copy of one of Sorolla’s masterpieces while unpicking the thinking and techniques he used to created such vibrant, light-filled images. 

Next, he’ll take some of those teachings outdoors (or a photograph if unseasonal weather) and apply them to his own painting.


  • Canvas or panel
  • Brushes (a range of sizes and shapes)
  • Solvent/turpentine – sansodor/gamsol/zest it are good low odour options
  • palette – preferably wooden or toned but plastic, disposable or glass is fine too. 
  • paper towel or rag
  • linseed oil
  • Oil paints – a range of pigments covering the colour spectrum. I’ll list a full and limited palette option but anything similar is fine:

Full palette

  • titanium white
  • yellow lake
  • yellow lake deep
  • permanent orange
  • napthol red
  • permanent alizarin
  • ultramarine blue 
  • viridian 

Limited palette

  • titanium white
  • yellow lake
  • napthol red
  • ultramarine blue