• Tutor, Kate Measham
  • Wednesday 18th November
  • 10.00 – 11.30 am, Via Zoom
  • Free as part of the HAS Art Club, £12 for visitors
  • Video available after has finished (£12)

What to expect in “On Reflection”

A shiny surface presents an interesting challenge. It is easy to be intimidated, but a step by step approach can break down the fear factor.

This Wednesday workshop will look at shape, value, colour and edge using a Still Life for reference.

There are other times when a reflection is sent to fox us, such as on water in a landscape. The observational skills learnt in this class can we applied to dark liquids.

You will be drawing from the photograph below.

Please print the photo before the class


  • Cartridge Paper
  • charcoal
  • drawing pencils
  • eraser
  • colour if you wish, but I suggest this would be better after the class