This one is coming back to you (slightly). Today’s still life is the inside of one of your cupboards. It could be that awkward one under the sink, the one with NO FLOUR, the place you keep the mismatched socks, the glass cupboard, the toy cupboard. Any cupboard. It could be a dream cupboard full of all the things you can’t get hold of at the moment, or a cupboard tidied within an inch of its life, or a cupboard with mouse droppings in.

No rules, any media.

Kate Measham, Same Every Day

I have put a photo of my coffee, tea, mustard and sauces shelves. Why are they together? no idea…and I’m sure at least half are way beyond their best.

We would love to see what people produce so PLEASE post on instagram with hashtag #hampshireartstudio We can see everyone’s work together in one place…almost as though we were in the studio together.

Come back next week for another Monday Still Life