Capturing the colour and light of Spring with an abstract, mixed media approach

Some students will be continuing work from the first half of term – however the second half of term is self contained and a very good moment to join this exciting Abstract, acrylic and mixed media class

  • Tutor, Eve Dawson
  • Monday, June 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
  • 10am – 12, via Zoom
  • £105/course
  • There will be a dedicated WhatsApp group for the duration of the course for easy exchange of images and support
  • You will be sent a zoom link for the course
  • Please see materials list towards the end of this information

Eve Dawson specializes in an expressionist and intuitive style of working which is full of energy and colour. She lives in a Hampshire village on the river Test and uses her rural environment as inspiration for her work.

Eve brings life and excitement to all she produces with an open approach to materials, equipment and artistic references. This is an opportunity to benefit from her knowledge and enthusiasm.

What to expect on the course

You will need x4 square canvases that are of equal size. We will be producing one canvas per week over the four week course.

You are to choose a palette that appeals to you and is Spring like; perhaps 4/ 5 colours. Each week the class will work together. Instead of watching a demonstration by Eve, the class will be interactive. Everyone will be working through the same exercises with a continuous discussion. The work produced by each individual will reflect their choices and decisions – despite following the same instructions. An exciting variety of work will emerge. 

Artists whose influence will inform the direction of the course are Rothko, John Hoyland, Robert Motherwell.


Bring materials that you have available, even those things NOT on the list below.

  • 4 x ready made square canvas – all the same size and not too small, and quality cartridge paper A1,
  • Acrylic Paints: Any paints you may already have including:
  • Titanium White,
  • Payne’s Grey,
  • Indigo,
  • Ultramarine Blue,
  • Cadmium Red,
  • Magenta or Rose,
  • Lemon Yellow,
  • Cadmium Yellow, all available from The Range or online with Amazon.

Drawing and line making materials

  • pencil, watercolour pencil
  • oil pastels
  • other line making and drawing equipment
  • charcoal
  • fixative

Other things may be added later

Tools for applying paint:  straight edge brushes, rounded brushes, palette knives, plastic scrapers, old credit cards, sponges and old house brushes, plastic sheeting to protect walls and all surfaces, water sprayer, apron or old shirt. Two jam jars for water. Plus kitchen roll for general mopping up!

You will need to be able to work upright so arrange an area at home where you can place an easel if you have one, either free standing, or table top, or a drawing board, avoid working flat. 

We run a Whatsapp group for this class so students can share their work with Eve and with each other.