with Kate Measham

On this two day course discover a vast menu of hybrid creatures from myth and folklore. You will be drawing and creating a model of the creature using papier mache, tape, and anything useful we can find. Observing, Drawing, Creating all in one course – great fun!

What to expect on this course

Day One:

For this project we will start with a discussion about 3D sketches and what you are trying to achieve when creating a creature from your imagination. You will choose your mythical beast and develop an idea of what it might look like. We recommend you bring some images with you of the different creatures you wish to combine, plus laptop, iPad or phone to find helpful images, if you have them.

From 11.00 (coffee time) until 4.00 you will be creating your beasts. This can continue at home, with your creature returning the following Wednesday

Day Two:

There is a choice to continue in 3D, or to take your BEAST into 2D with a drawing, painting or mixed media approach. Both approaches will produce interesting creatures. It is fascinating drawing from a 3D model of an imaginary creature.

These magical creatures will be from your imagination with the addition, of factual information about the various elements involved. These will be an exciting and liberating couple of days.


We will provide materials for students doing AN INQUISITIVE PERSON’S INTRODUCTION TO ART

We will also provide some materials for those not part of IPIA. Suggestions:

  • newspaper
  • egg boxes
  • plastic bottles
  • cling film, silver foil, wrapping paper, sweet wrappers
  • PVA
  • LOTS of masking tape
  • Whatever paints and drawing materials you are most happy using.
  • If you wish to continue with your 3D sculpture please consider what materials you may wish to use