Melanie Legge  has “played” with clay since childhood, attending The Chelsea Pottery studio at the age of 11. This early start instilled in her an instinctive familiarity with the material.

She has shared her enthusiasm for clay work with children and adults alike, teaching at both the Vienna International School in the 1990s and more recently at the Copenhagen International School.

She also runs adult classes in Hampshire where she now lives.

It was in the creative environment of Denmark that Melanie found herself pushing the boundaries and experimenting with combinations of materials to extraordinary effect.

“Between my fingers the clay comes alive. It dictates to me; I can suggest what I am aiming at, but ultimately the piece emerges as it wishes, my fingers merely servants of the element”.

Under the guidance of Danish Sculptor Jeanette Brønsted, Melanie furthered her passion for portraiture and figurative sculpture.  Both her portraits and porcelain works can be found in private collections in Denmark, France, Switzerland and the UK. 

She has twice been selected to exhibit her work in the Society of Portrait Sculptors’ annual FACE exhibitions (2016 and 2019).

For more information about Melanie please visit her website: Melanie Legge