• Tutor, Kate Measham
  • 24th Feb, 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th March
  • 10am – 12.00 on line with zoom
  • 1/2 a term, £100 via zoom
  • same zoom code for entire course

This class is suitable for all

Markmaking is an endless investigation, from a line in the sand, a handprint on a cave wall, to who knows where. Your marks, your handwriting , your fingerprints – these are all individual to YOU.

What to expect on this course

You will be looking at a variety of exercises with expressive marks.

These exercises are designed to be stimulating, surprising, fun and to take your work in new directions. For most artists the vocabulary of mark making can come to a halt with the same marks being repeated throughout their work. This does not need to be the case.

There will be optional homework.

Be interested, inquisitive, brave and involved. This will be reflected in your work.


The more materials you have the more things you have to play with. The list below is the minimum you need. Please don’t stop there.

  • paper – you will get through a lot of paper; don’t be mean with it. To reduce costs wallpaper lining paper would be fine, or newsprint available from amazon.
  • Sketchbook
  • large board, or empty wall space
  • masking tape
  • pritt stick, scissors
  • charcoal, drawing pencils, supermarket retractable pencil, conte crayon (max two colours)
  • black acrylic paint, or house paint
  • white acrylic paint or house paint
  • a mix of brushes of different sizes, including large – maybe a wall painting brush
  • a bamboo, or similar, stick
  • cloth
  • containers for water and for your brushes.

This is not meant to be expensive so if you have something that you think will do please feel free to give not a go.

This can be a messier business than you imagine so please wear appropriate cloths.