Samantha Barnes

Samantha Barnes is one of the HAS masterclass tutors who has a Draw and Paint weekend in September

To help us all in isolation Samantha has now gone live 


Yes, that’s right. These art classes are for everyone. No art skills necessary, just a willingness to have a go.

  • How to loosen up when making a drawing (or painting)
  • Rediscovery of how much you already know
  • How to make a mountain of drawings, without even trying
  • A little bit about art history, drawings, painting and artists that are relevant to our journey

All these classes are FREE, welcoming and great fun to join in with.

You would like a recording and a workbook which accompanies each class, for these you will need to sign up here

Heres a great WaterColour session

GOOD LUCK everyone and ENJOY all FREE