Step Two is the VERY easy and fun part of the Kickstart Art process.

For this step I have suggestions about bits and pieces of equipment to get hold of before you start.

You can start with very little and be very happy with your art sketchbook diary.

You will need a few minutes a day, a sketchbook, and a pencil, possibly a pen, possibly some paints and possibly a Pritt stick.

Ahhh…see how easily the list grows? For me an art supplies shop is even better than a sweet shop. Who doesn’t love the colours, smells and temptations of an art shop all heavy with exciting possibilities?  Below are a few guides and suggestions, mostly from CASS Art. Don’t let me put you off buying things you fancy, and don’t feel that all the expense is enough to put you off. These are suggestions that may help.

The Basic Art Sketchbook Diary

There are all sorts of considerations when choosing a sketchbook and they can get a bit over whelming.

The two things to consider are:

  • am I going to use this at home most of the time, or is it going in a pocket, or bag, to be used out and about?
  • what quality paper?

The size and shape of a sketchbook is quite personal. If you are opting for one to use at home don’t get it too small unless you want to keep it intimate and secret.  If it is to use out and about remember you will have to carry it – I find small and fewer sheets is better for this. Don’t compromise and get a mid-size-neither-one-thing-nor-other sized sketchbook…it will make you cross.

Kickstart art helps make good choices of materials

The weight of the paper is what I mean about quality. If the paper is very thin it will go wrinkly and rip if you start to use glue or paint.

These sketchbooks come in different sizes and are not too thick. They don’t feel threatening, or demanding. I think they are a good place to start.

Pens are great fun to draw with – do not panic about rubbing out any errors

These pens are available in different sizes, in multipacks, and probably different colours too. I would start with a 0.3mm pen.

For a bit of colour that isn’t too tricky to use try this lovely bright water-based set.

You will need a brush with these. Have a look at these synthetic water colour brushes. I would suggest not too small – you want to be able to see the colour.

I would like to see a pencil in the basic list but it is hard to choose just one, and then hard not to add sharpener, eraser etc.  I like the very cheap, disposable mechanical pencils you can by in own brand packs from the stationary area in supermarkets. I also like very soft, thick pencils, 5B, 7B, and 9B. I will leave it to you.

I like to use an eraser to draw. There are all sorts of different sizes and shapes to deal with but this is a pretty useful starting point

It is fun to be able to draw on top of watercolour paint and other coloured images. Sometimes what you need is a white pen

A Pritt stick is definitely part of my basic kit


Kickstart art with a selection of materials
This is NOT the basic kit…I just love a monster pile of brushes

Enjoy Kickstart Art step two

Enjoy yourself gathering together bits and bobs, tools and materials for your art diary sketchbook experience.

For the next step I’ll be back with some 5 minute art making ideas you can create with your art supplies! See Kickstart Art – Step Three