In Kickstart Art step three, learn how to avoid extended, apologetic lists of everything you have been doing that have kept you from doing anything creative. Stop stopping yourself…start.

I know the feeling myself; there are so many things we feel we should be doing…often for other people, for the house, for the family, for your job, for the dog. You know that feeling… I am sure it is familiar.

Somehow doing something creative for yourself feels indulgent. If it is not to be considered indulgent the results had better be good.

The pressures we put ourselves under!

What are the enemies to getting on with something creative?

  1. The blank page. This is always frightening. What do I put on it?
  2. No time to do anything. I’m so busy…so, so busy.
  3. It won’t be any good anyway…

That awful gut-wrenching worm, ‘the inner critic,’ and the puritan preacher in your head that tells you to do something else more worthwhile. Banish them both (obviously easier said than done).

There is nothing frightening about a blank page – scribble all over it. There are lots of things to remember, in a good way.

scribble for kickstart art step three

  • What is the worst thing that could happen if your scribble isn’t very good? (we are talking about a scribble here!)
  • Can it be quite fun having a bit of a scribble? (I have doodled ALL my life and I love it. It is definitely ‘mindful’, relaxing, and fun to do)
  • If you scribble in your art diary sketchbook who is going to see it? (does it matter if anyone sees it?)
  • Who is going to judge you? Will there be marks out of 50? I don’t think so.
  • What is the perfect scribble? (exactly)
  • Do you want to produce work that will be auctioned and sell for a small fortune, or do you want to enjoy the process and see where it takes you?
  • If you scribble isn’t PERFECT (?) will you rip it up, throw it away and stomp off? (there is nothing like seeing that written down to know how silly it is.
  • I like it when things go wrong because I get taken in a different direction. I like the ride. I like the occasional chaos of ideas, the mess and the groping for a new way forward. This is how we learn new things.

Imagine if a toddler gave up on walking after the first tumble? Imagine the places they wouldn’t go to, the things they wouldn’t see, the life they wouldn’t enjoy.

Now you need to get started. Gather all your bits and pieces together you are going to have an extended scribble and play with your materials.

Do you have a timer? If you are using your phone put it behind you so you are not tempted to check e mails, whats app or any other distraction. Set it for 5 mins.

Open the first page of your Art Diary Sketchbook.  This is a visual diary. It can record events, emotions, explorations  – ANYTHING. You can use words, or not. It is your space.

I am going to suggest 3 things to have a go at on your WHITE PAGES. As it is your very first day with your Art Diary Sketchbook I am going to suggest three 5 minute exercises. You are going to be doodling, scribbling, and playing, making marks with your new materials. Think of it as a dance until you get to know them better.

First Exercise for Kickstart Art step three

Get a jar, or a glass of water, some kitchen roll or loo paper, your paints and your brush. Choose ONE colour and using the brush wet, and some paint scribble all over the page. Not neatly.  Whilst it is still wet dab it roughly with the kitchen paper – in no particular order or style.  Try to leave some areas ‘undabbed’. Leave the page to dry for a minute or two.dabbed colour for kickstart art step three

Now is the fun bit. (actually, I rather like the first bit too). Use your black pen to doodle on the paint.  Let the patterns created by the kitchen roll dictate what you do. I like to draw a line dividing the different areas of paint.

IMG_7955 2

There is no right or wrong way of doing this.

Second Exercise

On a new page you are going to take your pen for a walk…

I like to start in one spot and see if I can take the pen all over the page without taking it off the paper. Sometimes I make a maze, sometimes there are squiggly lines, sometimes only straight. You may like to make a shape and repeat it again and again, enjoying the way it changes.

IMG_7945 3

There is no right or wrong way of doing this.

Third Exercise

On another new page you might like to try to combine the two exercises.

IMG_7956 2 Maybe with different paint scribbles, different dabs and take the pen for a new walk.

Enjoy the process of Kickstart Step Three

This is a voyage into the unknown.  What you produce has never been seen before.

Have a look at Kickstart Art Step Four to find out what is next.

Put a photo of your work on Instagram with the hashtag: #thisiswhatimadetoday.  We would love to see what you are up to also so send us stuff at #hampshireartstudio