• Tutor, Sarah Waters
  • Thursday April 22nd, 29th, May 6th and 13th
  • £160/4 day course.
  • If you need a Beginners Kit and video add £30
  • 10-12 pm Online tutorial
  • Independent working throughout the day with 4pm return to zoom for advice
  • There will be a dedicated WhatsApp group to share images and support for the duration of the course
  • Recorded sessions available for the duration of the course
  • Learn tips and techniques for making your collage or picture

If you need the introduction kit press the green button below.

What level of experience do you need for this course?

If you have taken Sarah’s ‘Introduction to Painting with Fibres class’ this course will be perfect for you. On this 4 week course you will extend the skills you learnt in the one day introductory class.


You may be a total beginner. We can help to make this course work for you too. If you buy the wonderful kit that Sarah put together for the ‘Introduction’ class you will find all the materials you need, plus a detailed instruction manual, and a video of the class. This will help you to get you up to speed and Sarah will also be available to answer any questions.

What is Feltmaking?

Felt is the earliest non-woven fabric known to man. This ancient technique uses water, soap and friction or agitation to create the matting of the fibres to produce dense, strong and durable pieces of textiles made up of permanently interlocking fibres. Every sheep and every lock of wool has a different characteristic, which in turn behaves differently.

How will the course work?

Sarah will guide you through ‘live’ demonstrations and will be on hand all day to help you with any questions/problems.

You will learn how to:

  • Lay out fibres. And mix colours
  • Understand the principles of wet felting
  • How to paint with fibres
  • Make pre-felt (half finished) and fulled (finished) samples
  • Cut and re arrange your pre-felts to build up layers
  • Learn about shrinkage and how it affects your picture

Learn tips and techniques for making your collage or picture

Materials for Painting with Fibres, Textile Art

If you need a complete ‘felt kit’ for the course please order one through Hampshire Art studio ASAP so we can send you the materials in time for the start of the course.  

Alternatively, if you are joining us and already have some knowledge, or equipment, Sarah can provide you with a materials list. 

The kit contains:

  • Bamboo roller blind
  • Bubblewrap
  • Builders plastic
  • Netting
  • Sponge
  • A bar of olive soap
  • Non slip mat
  • A laminated shrinkage grid
  • Water bottle and sprinkler top
  • Plenty of merino wool in various colours (enough for the day and to experiment afterwards)
  • Ready-made pre-felts
  • Silk fibres and threads
  • Instructions in a folder

You will need to provide, ready for the session:

  • An old towel
  • Sharp pair of scissors
  • A Jug 
  • A small bowl
  • Small space on a table to lay out your work
  • Access to warm water nearby
  • An old pair of tights/pop socks that you don’t mind chopping up or a couple of rubber bands
  • Pen and paper


Fleece (merino)                            £5/100g (Please state what colour or colours you would prefer.)

Bubblewrap                                   £2/m

Netting                                             £1/ piece

Bamboo Rolling Mat                    £5 each

Soap (Olivia)                                  £2 each

Laminated Shrinkage Grid        50p each

(Offcuts of fabrics and fibres and anything else – please ask via email)

Please email Sarah direct with any requirements at sarahwatersartist@gmail.com . Please note postage, at cost, will be added to the order and Sarah will send you email confirmation with total. Payment can be direct online or cheque.

Alternatively, you can buy fleece direct from www.worldofwool.com

Email Sarah at sarahwatersartist@gmail.com

or see her website at www.sarahwatersartist.com