Taxi Companies

1-2 Call Cabs Ltd, 24 Hour Taxi Service – Andover, Hampshire

01264 312 602

The chicken auction is always exciting, and you don’t have to buy anything (bacon sandwiches are hard to resist). It is a wonderful place to draw with colour and movement and interesting characters.

Southern Counties Auctions

Rare Breed Poultry Sales

weaverchicken5This is one of my favourite local happenings. If you hate birds it may not be for you, but if you can get over the feathers and slight smell it is well worth a visit. It is colourful, busy and exciting – a great place for photography or drawing.

The rare breed monthly poultry sales includes wildfowl, waterfowl, domestic and wildfowl geese, peafowl, turkeys, pheasant, partridge, guineafowl, quail, pigeon, bantams, poultry with hybrids also being taken.

One of the largest sales of its type in the country with an average of 1,400 cages per sale with an average of 450 lots of hatching eggs during the season of March—September.


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