Refresh and Renew your Drawing with Kate Measham

  • Kate Measham is the tutor for Refresh and Renew with Experimental Drawing
  • Thursday 22nd, 29th October, Thursday 5th November
  • 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
  • In the Studio at Bransbury
  • Maximum numbers per class – 8
  • £135 all three
  • Videos will be made of the classes, and will be edited to 1 hour each. Access to these will be available through the shop after the class.

What to Expect on Experimental Drawing

It is so easy to get in a rut. Sometimes you might not notice the rut. This class is a liberating approach to drawing. It is not essential to go wild every day, but never taking your drawing to new and feral places is limiting.

The class will be based on a still life, music and as many materials as you can bring with you.

This is an upbeat series of morning classes; drawing can be fun. You will learn that the borders of what you thought was possible, sensible and the ‘right thing to do’, are not where you thought they were. You can do more, so much more, and enjoy the journey.


Gather together all the drawing materials you already have – the greater the choice the better. We will have a selection of materials available to purchase in the studio if you are unable to find all that you need.

  • black acrylic paint
  • white gesso/acrylic/gouache
  • mix of pencils
  • mix of charcoal, sizes and shapes and types
  • pritt stick, PVA
  • Big paper, tissue paper…a mix of found paper (newspaper, old letters, packaging, tracing paper
  • black ink
  • brushes, different sizes, textures and shapes
  • masking tape
  • chalk
  • jam jars
  • rags, string, sponges
  • tough clothes

This is an experimental class – all materials might not be listed here. As the classes progress you will find new objects and materials that you want to bring with you to use. This will be encouraged.

The key to Refresh and Renew with Experimental Drawing is to be open to new ideas, new materials and new ways of doings things.