with Elizabeth Hammond

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What to expect on Drawing Spring Plants and Botanical Details

Discover how to capture the movement and energy of the plant through an expressive approach. Take small specimens from around Hampshire Art Studio, or bring a little of your own garden with you. We will explore their intricacies through investigative drawing. Create beautiful works on paper and improve your drawing skills at the same time in an encouraging, relaxed and supportive environment with experienced educator Elizabeth Hammond.

Day 1:
Developing our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, we will explore a gestural approach to drawing plants, loosening up before we focus in. We will also learn about our particular materials and develop our skills in their use.

Day 2:
Focusing in on pencil investigations of our botanicals leading to a fine and detailed drawing.

Day 3:
Bringing together all the skills gained to create an intricate botanical watercolour drawing.


 *   Pencils – mechanical, HB and 2B
 *   Paper – approx 10x A4 sheets hot pressed watercolour paper
 *   Eraser – putty and white
 *   Magnifying glass
 *   Watercolours – pans
 *   Paintbrushes – round size 0 – 6, flat size 4 and miniature brush size 4
 *   Tracing paper 1x A4 sheet
 *   Clear ruler
 *   Lamp
 *   Any plant or flower specimens you would like to draw

The studio can provide:
Masking tape
Cartridge paper
Jar for water
Pots for ink
Drawing ink
Pencil Sharpener