Gail’s first memory of being fascinated by the link between the mind and body was as a medical student in a Pharmacology lecture hearing about the placebo effect. It became apparent to her at that early stage of training that patient care should include all aspects of a patient’s health and life experience rather than just focusing on one set of symptoms.

Medical training for Gail was at the Westminster Hospital Medical School, London and included a BSc in Biochemistry. She trained as a GP, passing her membership examination to the Royal College of GP’s, and continued to work in Elderly Care as well. Gail particularly enjoys the holistic approach to patients that both specialities have. Later Gail became a GP Appraiser and the Clinical Lead for the Community and Hospital Falls Services. 

She came to mindfulness having noticed the effect of her own thoughts on her mood and experience of life. She realised how she needed to be aware of this and having googled “mindfulness”, was introduced to this ancient wisdom. She did her Mindfulness foundation course in 2012, followed by teacher training in 2013 at the Centre of Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP), Bangor University. 

Gail started teaching in 2014 with courses for the general public, NHS staff and workshops for junior doctors, nurses and palliative care staff. Her courses are taught as per the defined CMRP curriculum and she continues with regular supervision as per Good Practice Guidelines and attends regular retreats and updating courses. 

She continues to be fascinated in this ancient wisdom and how current neuroscience research is advancing our understanding of the effect of meditation and mindfulness on our brains. This is a “way of being” in our lives, the understanding of which deepens as we continue practising.