with Dr Gail Loudon and Kate Measham

This introductory workshop is for anyone interested in learning more about mindfulness and those who are finding that stress, anxiety, or the inner critic is affecting their ability to be creative. You don’t to need know anything about drawing/painting, we are focusing on the process and not an end product. 

Mindfulness begins with awareness of what is going on in us, in the present moment. Being present, noticing our thoughts, emotions and body sensations deliberately and without immediate judgement, opens the way to insights, wisdom and release. 

Our internal narrative is that little voice that runs often critical stories, about ourselves, our past, or worries about the future, for much of our waking hours. It can negatively affect our mood, emotions and also produce tension in our bodies. We are often not aware of this. All of this can interfere with not just our enjoyment of life but also us being able to be creative. 

Creating Mindful meditative art can leave us feeling able to be more playful, to explore and enjoy the creative process. We learn to notice signs of stress and anxiety earlier and deal with them more healthily. 

  • Tutors, Dr Gail Loudon and Kate Measham
  • 20 February, 2023
  • 10.00 – 4.00
  • £110/workshop
  • Suitable for all
  • Tea and coffee will be available all day. Please bring your own lunch
  • Materials will be supplied

What to expect on this Workshop

The workshop will explore mindfulness through creative exercises as an introduction to the wisdom of mindfulness.

There will be a combination of meditative and drawing exercises with many different sorts of drawing materials. You will learn some creative techniques to use when you notice your thoughts spinning on old habitual, unhelpful paths to bring yourself back. Being guided to acknowledge what your thoughts are doing, noticing expectations and judgements of yourself, in this safe place can help you connect with your creative, curious self.

Particular attention will be paid to how your body is feeling as you create your marks, or drawing, as this can affect how your art develops. We will be learning to use all our senses to encourage self-awareness and using works by other artists. 

Time spent becoming aware of your body, your breathing and the space around you can translate into expressive drawing. If you have a willingness to draw with childlike freedom, and a sense of curiosity, you will discover a way to be mindfully present in your mark making. Tuning into the moment through your senses allows you to enjoy the process of creating and experimenting. This combination will set you off on a path of reflection and discovery. 

Please note: This workshop is not ‘Art Therapy’


Materials will be provided for this workshop.

For more information about this sort of course, available in different formats and durations, for mindfulness and art retreats please contact Kate Measham: kate@hampshireart.studio