Hello everyone 

I know we are all concerned about the CoronaVirus. We hope that none of you have been affected to date, and there won’t be concern going forward.

The HAMPSHIREART studio is an educational training premises.

The HAMPSHIREART studio wants to reassure all students that we are taking serious measures to protect everyone during this period.

Our studio is open and all our classes are going ahead unless we advise otherwise. We hope that, where possible, this will be a welcome escape.

We are also publishing e-courses so you can practice your art at home and possibly introduce others to the enjoyment of creativity. Some are free some are to be paid for but all are fun!

If you have any concerns please contact Clare 07973 215 407 or Kate 07803038762

Should anyone have already booked to attend a class, but dont feel safe to attend, are unwell or be obliged to self-quarantine, we ask that you do not come to the studio until you are out of danger. We will happily reschedule your class for another date.

The studio is cleaned at the end of each visit – all the easels and surfaces will be wiped down and cleaned. There are disinfectant sprays available to use on a regular basis. Hot water and soap are available to everyone entering and during their stay. Paper towels are now being offered to wipe your hands and should be thrown away straight after use. All cups should be kept with you and put into the dishwasher after use. 

We will update the website should the situation develop. Alternatively you can follow us on FacebookInstagram or Twitter for further updates.