Christine Forbes is a Sussex artist who studied at Northbrook College, Worthing, Sussex and at Wimbledon Art College. Her background is in design, acting, fashion and catering. She has been teaching for 18 years (both adults and children) and includes: The National association of Gifted Children and HMP Ford. She is a regular short course tutor at West Dean College, Sussex and also teaches in France.

‘My work is all about drawing, whether with pencil or brush. Drawing is raw and unmediated. It reflects my interest not only in nature but the cycle of the seasons and the constant transformation of plant life. I’m fascinated by the untidiness of the natural world and try in my work to reflect the fact that all things are transitory. Philosophies and drawing practices from the East have always been important and continue to guide what I do.

Whether working on my own or teaching – my methods are the same. Loosely based on what I have learnt from Chinese and Japanese ink drawing, I enable my students to explore techniques that they can readily employ for themselves to express something unique and personal. They in turn learn to work beyond their comfort zone and find an intuitive, more confident terrain.’

Christine has exhibited at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Trinity Buoy Wharf and at the London Art Fair. She continues to exhibit regularly and is a member of the Sussex Watercolour Society.

For more information about her work see Christine Forbes