Chris Davis comes from a family of Architects so visual acuity is in his blood. Something of a child prodigy, at 6 years old his artistic ability was recognised when his painting was chosen to be  part of a travelling exhibition to different galleries around the country.

Although painting is an essential part of life for Chris, it was put to one side as he pursued a career in Psychology, Social Work and Family Therapy until  retirement in 2011.

Now was the moment to  pursue painting on a more serious basis, principally using watercolour and acrylics, and attending courses.

In 2018 he gained a distinction on the year long Diploma Course at the Norfolk School of Painting. Subsequently he has continued to specialise in oil, painting groups of people and landscapes, but he also loves to copy the Old Masters which are a source of inspiration.

Colour combinations are of primary interest, with details often of less importance.