29th February – 1st March, 2020, 10.00am – 5.00pm,

£370/course, a light lunch

Bed and breakfast is available. see places to stay

We are delighted to have a master class course in egg tempera taught by Antony Williams. You will paint a still life, over two days, following his careful instruction.


Antony Williams, who mostly paints using egg tempera, is best known and sought after as a portrait artist. Much has been written about him, and rightly so. His portraits are observant, private, and offer a strange interplay between the objective and the subjective.  When he transfers this intimate objectivity to a still life you appreciate the beauty of the ordinary, and the overlooked.

Antony Williams 2019(1)

Tempera is a permanent, fast-drying painting medium consisting of coloured pigments mixed with a water-soluble binder medium, usually glutinous material such as egg yolk. Tempera paintings are very long lasting, and examples from the first century CE still exist. Egg tempera was a primary method of painting until after 1500 when it was superseded by the invention of oil painting. Antony, as a master of this medium, is something of a rarity.

On this course  you will be shown how to use pigments and mix with egg. No previous experience with egg tempera is needed but some painting experience is essential. It is an exciting process, but different to other media. Some difficult to get hold of materials will be available to purchase at the studio such as: gesso boards and the pigments. A short list of other materials will be sent to you once you have a place on the course.

Over the two days of the course Antony will demonstrate, step by step, how he works through a painting.  By the end of day one you will have learnt how to mix and use the paints, how to build up an under-painting and transfer your drawings to a gesso panel. On day two you will build up your painting using a full palette and an interplay of warm and cool tones.


To see more about Antony Williams and his work: https://antony-williams.com

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