Beginner’s 6 month Intensive Art Course

Join Hampshire Art studio for a six month (2 terms), part time “Introduction to Art” course. You will be part of a cohort discovering a wide range of media including, acrylics, oils, mixed media, watercolour, and printing. You will learn about different materials, new skills, and ways to approach your work.

On this page you will find the dates, prices and information for the NEXT Inquisitive Person’s Introduction to Art. However the linked courses below are for the PRESENT intensive art course, as an indication of what will be available. We will launch the September 2022 Course in late January 2022. If you would like to register an interest we will make sure you are sent all the details

This is a 6 month part time course covering a wide range of materials, skills and practise.

  • 6 months starting 20th September, 2022 – April 2023
  • Two ten week terms, with a week for half term after 5 weeks
  • Initial drawing workshop
  • Introductory courses to include: oil painting, water colour, acrylic, drawing, printing, mixed media and more
  • Off site visits for special projects (term two)
  • Self directed project work (term two)
  • Regular tutorials
  • Sketchbook and journal work
  • A group exhibition, organised and curated by the students will round off the course. (term two)
  • £4,000/course, £1000 deposit secures your place (see payment options ).
  • To see conditions please follow payment options button

How will the Course Work?

The course will start with an initial Drawing Week in the Studio at Bransbury. This will be a chance for the tutors to get to know you, and for you to meet your fellow students. It will be a busy week covering a variety of approaches to drawing.

The Course will be based around different workshops, initially introducing media and materials. Most workshops are two, three or four days, on Mondays and Tuesdays each week, with the occasional Wednesday. There will be suggested work for you to do at home including work in sketchbooks and journals.The Autumn term will be a series of workshops introducing you to different materials, such as oil painting, acrylics, and watercolour. Materials will be available in the studio for beginners’ workshops, but you will be expected to provide your own materials as the course progresses. Your tutor will advise. Materials will be available to purchase from Hampshire Art studio.

The Spring term will be mostly project based. This will be a chance to focus your skills.
Once you know the basic mechanics of painting, drawing, and printing etc., we will help you to work out what you want to develop, and what direction you want to take your work. There will be off-site visits and regular tutorials.The course will be taught by several tutors, all experts in their fields, and there will be a tutor for you personally to help you navigate your way through the course.

The cohort will have a dedicated WhatsApp group to share images and information.To round off the course the students will organise and put on a group exhibition, where you will be expected to curate, publicise, and prepare (with guidance) your works for a private view and exhibition.

We encourage students to develop a creative mindset, with critical thinking, being open to taking risks, being endlessly inquisitive, and taking ownership of their work. This leads to confidence and motivation to take their art practise in whatever direction they wish.

Materials will be provided in the studio for beginners courses but you will be expected to purchase your own materials as you progress through the course.  Materials will be available through Hampshire Art studio.

Regular tutor guidance in person and via What’s App is provided individually to each student.

Courses included in Term One

Courses included in Term Two

Below is a list of expected courses. Dates, tutors and some subjects yet to be finalised.

  • Museum visit and project
  • Introduction to Printing
  • Drawing revisited
  • Portfolio review
  • Composition with reference to other artists
  • Colour theory and application
  • portraiture
  • winter talks
  • Final project
  • Final portfolio review
  • preparing and putting on end of course exhibition